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Gun cleaning items - what do you use?

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  • Gun cleaning items - what do you use?

    When I clean guns Iuse the normalbrush and patches. I also find myself using a lot of Q-tips, pipe cleaners (on semi-autos mostly)and paper towels (to wipe the cleaning rods with).

    As far as gun-related items go I like Hoppes #9, Break Free, Butch's triple twill patches and the 10 packs of brushes from Midway. I'vebeen using JBbore cleaning pastefor a while now and like it but use it very sparingly, in combination with the Hoppes. Sweets 7.62and Butches bore shine are used occasionally.

    What do you use a lot of? :confused:

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    For General cleaning of rifles I use Hoppe's Bench rest and nylon brushes, and Midway patches. for my 300 win mag as I shoot alot of Barnes X-bullets I use CR 10

    Nylon Brush with lots of Tipton patches.

    asa Note I always use a Bore guide as this helps.

    when finish cleaningthe rifle I use a Chamber mop to dry and lightly oil the bore.

    I also use alot of Bore maps to get the cleaning solvents in the bore and around the places it needs to be.



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      My barrels get nylon brushes with MPRO7 and then standerd patches.

      Also use bore mops to lightly oil when finished cleaning. Then wipe down the outside of my barrels with Rem oil lightly to make sure no fingerprints are left.


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        Hoppe's #9 patches some times a brush, followed by Rem oil or hoppe's gun oil. Dad has some clean bore spray cleaner that workes good dries out quick too its kinda like brake cleaner for cars, good oiling is mandatory after cleaning.

        my pics