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  • kids taking over

    my daughters have these toys they call 'pet shops'. they are little animal figurines that come w/ little playhouses or whatever.

    this morning i screwed together a couple hundred 40 s&w loads, and my youngest daughter was a bit miffed that i didn't let her do the powder dumping part of the operation. after i was all done, i did a little work on the computer, then came back out to the living room, and it looked like there was a pet shop explosion right on my temporary loading bench! can't wait until its warm enough outside for me to get all my gear back to the garage, mounted on my own bench, w/ all my stuff placed orderly where i can find it, and it is safe from the kids...

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    Well Bud, don't worry my girls have done that and a bit more to my reloading area. I had a press that was green one day and it was holding barbe dresses the next with pink lines on it .

    So there isa lesson to be learned here you need to let her do her job and she will leave your loading area alone .:lol::lol::lol:



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      Good thing I never had kids----I would not tolerate that crap on my bench.What really blew my mind was the toy on your powder scale---That is a precsion instrument,not a childs toy.Daddy's loading bench should not be a substitute toy chest:shameon::shameon::shameon:


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        Oh come on Dakotasin, admit it you took a photo of your bench and forgot to clean your toys off of it first. :lol:

        I find toys on my bench nowdays as well. and on my chair that I sit on. Lil Poach now has to go with me to the reloading room when I go. Thats why I'm sorting out 38/357 and 40/45 cases. He decided that they all needed to go into one bag rather than four.

        I can't say I'm overjoyed with the task but I can't say I hate it either.

        Take care Be safe Poacher.
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          hoa- relax - it was just on the edge of the frame, not on the beam or fulcrum, or pan or anywhere they could hurt anything. other than that one, everything is on boxes or brass containers (coffee cans). not anything that can be hurt, and no harm done.

          texas- i do let them help quite a bit, actually. they 'help' me resize, and seat bullets. even still, i wasn't going to let a 2-yo charge cases, supervised or no!

          poacher- yeah, it could be worse, and it really isn't that bad, now. in the summer months when i'm doing all my stuff out in the garage, it isn't unusual for me to have a line of neighbor kids poking around and asking questions. my older daughter likes to be in the garage while i'm loading, and seems to be a magnet for other kids.
          Hunting is not a matter of life or death; it is much more important than that!


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            lol..She did fine...:thumbs:

            Dakota ,enjoy em while they`re young and their antics.Stuff like that is priceless.

            My little girl once wrote her name on the side of my old loading bench with a permanent marker.Spelled out here name in sloppy 1st grade writing and big letters..
            I jumped all over her for it and felt terrible afterwards..

            That ole bench in the barn and her little handwriting on it is now one of my most cherished keepsakes..:wink:Much like that oic will be for you 10 years down the road..:wink::thumbs:

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              Definately hang on to those pics and memorys, They grow up and move out so fast. Mine have been gone for over 11 years now and man do I miss the little antics that they would do for daddy:thumbs:Enjoy it while you can it wont last very long:sad:Jimmy
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                That's good stuff Dakota...:lol:

                Ahh, if they could just stay young longer.
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