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    Except for the bearing ring the rest looks very similar to what I have bought, for my Dillon 650 I have a kit with a needle bearing, does take some adjusting before things are right but that is no problem for me because I only use that press for loading 9x19 rounds, so once set it is ok. I always do use Teflon oil and grease for all my presses, keeps them in perfect condition and a spray-can with industrial High contend Teflon oil lasts a long time, have mine now for over 10 years and it still is more than half filled. I was looking at the parts for RCBS but could not find anything there, thank you!
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      Originally posted by mikemyers View Post
      More information (lots!!) and a question towards the end:


      It was a pleasure talking with you this morning. Thank you for your order.

      Talked with the guy who supplies the Shellplate Bearing Kit. He advise that I send only the ball. The spring in our kit will be too short to work at all and he doesn’t think the bearing will fit either. But the ball alone should make a marked improvement. I mentioned that you may need to deburr the detent holes. Here are the instructions for addressing that:
      “Give all the parts a quick cleaning. Pay special attention to the bottom of the shellplate. Gently run the tip of a Q-tip along the edges of the detent holes to check for burrs. If you see any fibers pulled off or feel any burrs, you need to remove them as it can permanently damage the index ball. Take a small piece of fine sandpaper (320 grit or finer), place it over the detent hole and press down with a finger in a twisting motion to remove the burrs. Check again with the Q-tip, repeat as needed. It should be very minor, Dillon does a great job on their machining. You must do this to each of your Shellplates.”

      I have a local customer using a Pro 2000 and will attempt to meet up with him and do some testing. Meanwhile, he is going to figure out the correct custom spring that would be needed.

      Thanks also for the links and photos.

      The cam appears to be die cast pot metal. I can see why it fails with that long slot. And with that long moment arm there is a lot of leverage. If they had just put a small bridge in the middle to make two separates slots … one for each screw … it would have been stronger. And I see screw thread marks on the part that broke off. Looks like the slot may be too tight and the screws are wedging it apart … further contributing to failure. A CNC machined part would be infinitely stronger, but will likely be quite expensive to have made. I notice a hole on the side near the top end. What is that for?

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      I think, that part would be improved at relatively low cost when they would use a steel bar with the slot hole and cast the top which is ok to be made out of pot metal around it?
      There almost always is a way to do things better, more often than not by simplifying.


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        I have been struggling with loading 38 Special ammo. The part that pushes the primer into the shell casing sometimes works perfectly, but sometimes "catches" on the bottom of the case, hanging up the process. I noticed this part is not centered in the shell plate - looking at it from outside the press, it is a little too far to the right edge.

        I switched over to 45 ACP last night, and found the same issue. The press works better, but still occasionally "hangs", but will make a "clank" and push the primer in anyway.

        I have installed the auto indexing kit, and noticed that the primer strip doesn't always feed in as smoothly as it should. I removed the shell plate, and the components above the primer strip. I found two problems. First, the little spring clip was out of place, and worse, the spring clip itself was upside down! I bought this as a new kit, but either the RCBS assembler was sleepy, or someone was already in there, maybe trying to find the problem I'm still dealing with.

        I will call RCBS tomorrow, Monday.There is no solution I can think of other than replacing the lower assembly, getting one with the primer seater hole properly located.

        Attached photos -
        First photo shows the offset in the primer seater for 38 Special.
        Second photo shows the brass shavings being cut from my cases
        Third photo show the same problem, set for 45 ACP.


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          Yep,,, looks like a mis-manufacture of the base assy unless it could be traceable to another part of the primer seater assy.


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            Originally posted by Damannoyed View Post
            Yep,,, looks like a mis-manufacture of the base assy unless it could be traceable to another part of the primer seater assy.
            I called today, but they suggested I wait until tomorrow and talk to Larry Meyer who knows the most about the Pro-2000. I'm 99% sure that you are right, the hole is in the wrong place.

            I changed it around last night, and put in the much stiffer spring under the locating ball. It might eventually lead to spilled powder, but the shell plate now rotates exactly to the proper position. Before that, it sometimes "almost" went to the right spot, and then it moved into place.


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              Hmmmmmm, then the locating hole is fine, weaken the indexing ball force too much and it fails to index properly.


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                Compared to mispositioned primer punch, I consider a bit of spilled powder to be minor.


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                  Originally posted by Damannoyed View Post
                  Hmmmmmm, then the locating hole is fine, weaken the indexing ball force too much and it fails to index properly.
                  I wish this site would send me emails when there is a reply - I thought I had that set up, I guess not.

                  I had a very long talk with William at RCBS. We went through lots of possible scenarios. The photo makes it look like the primer punch is in the wrong position, but William asked me to take off the shell plate and take another photo. In that photo, everything looks perfect.

                  Unless all three of my shell plates have the same error, the most likely scenario is that the hold in the lower assembly the has the hole for the spring and ball, is itself in the wrong location. That would explain everything.

                  RCBS will be sending me a replacement lower assembly for auto indexing.


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                    deleted my text
                    Last edited by mikemyers; 10-11-2018, 19:44. Reason: the slight error in indexing was because the plate that holds the auto-index guides had shifted slightly. Fixed now, non more problem.


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                      I just realized something as I was typing this. The photo that I posted of the primer pusher, with all the dirt and brass shavings wrapped around it, could not have been caused by the primer pusher plug. That part doesn't go into the case.

                      The only explanation is that the primer was not positioned properly under the shell plate. If all my shell plates (three of them) show this problem, that's one more clue that the culprit is that the ball is not positioning the shell plate properly, which is most likely due to the hole with the spring and ball being in the wrong place.