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  • 223 cases

    Just wondering if anybody could give me a little Help
    does anybody make electric 223 deburring & chamfering tool in one

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    Dillon make a trimmer,deburring, chamfering , RCBS case trimmer dose the same., maybe Little Crow.
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      Giraud's Tri-Way does it, but you need to supply the power (i.e., drill). It trims, deburrs, and chamfers all at the same time.

      --you may get more responses if your question gets moved to a forum rather than a blog.
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        I moved this thread from the blog section of the site to here for more answers. RD
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          This is exactly why I bought one of the Lyman case prep stations.

          You can hold 2 cases at once on the chamfer/deburing tools, and simply switch cases in hands. I think that's the effect you're looking for... productivity?

          Can have the other 2 primer pocket tools on the other stations which is pretty nice. I also took the flash-hole deburring tool off and stuck it on the fifth station cause I found the neck cleaning brushes kindof stupid.

          I didn't like the Frankford Arsenal one because it was louder, heavier and just seemed awkward to use. The RCBS one seems small and harder to work around with 2 hands. So I chose the Lyman... despite having a larger form factor on my bench... it is the easiest of them to sit down, or stand at my bench. It's not so big that I can't store it underneath.

          To be completely honest I stopped using the primer reamers as often because I started using the Frankford arsenal hand deprimer and wet tumbling, but sometimes will clean up the pocket just a touch. This makes brass prep a breeze...
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            I use the PCBS case prep station, but have changed and change tools to suit my needs at the time. Debur and chamfer tools being the only two that have fixed place. I do however use the Lyman VLD tool set instead of the originals that came with the prep center. For first time military 223 cases I have a primer crimp remover ( RCBS) on one of the spindles a primer pocket cleaner a flash hole de burring tool and the two fixed guys on there. For repeat customers I take of the primer crimp and flash hole tool and put on a primer pocket brush ..... I like the thing and would not want to be without it. Makes case prep so much easier. Not the dreaded chore it used to be