I am building a New reloading room. I'm almost 2/3 done. I probably have two trailer loads of Stuff to put on the other side that's counting the cabinets and benches it's all stuff that I brought from my last-place. I'm hoping to keep it a little neater this time. I am going to mount the computer monitors on the wall I have to build a Small shelf system for the top of the bench.
The new bench is for my presses when I am reloading. I have several RCBS aluminum Press plates and a large aluminum plate for my Richard Corbin press, I'm going to mount it on a 6 x 6 that will be mounted to the floor it will butt up to the bench on one side. We have a security system here, I have been robbed before so I don't go without one, my cousin made Metal straps for the small basement windows.
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