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    I had a Little Dandy for a long time. Never really got to excited with it so I gave it and the Bailey Boat adjustable Roger to a friend. This last weekend I picked up one and 12 rotors at a garage sale in Houston for $50. This time I decided to get serious and get "internet educated" on it use, tips and trick tricks. Can't wait to get back to my bench in Phoenix and really play with it.
    Here are some things I learned so far.
    Kids playground chalk is great to get the rotor's numbers to pop out, be visible.

    RCBS lock rings attached to the grip portion of the rotors make them easier to rotate.

    Nobody makes a powder baffle for the LD.

    These rotors are susceptible to rust. (Maybe this is due to Houston humidity) I've cleaned the light surface rust with 000 steel wool followed with paste wax.
    A plastic sixteen gauge box is good for storage of the rotor. But I opted for our Charley's custom LD oak storage block. Thanks Charley!

    Good judgement comes from experience,
    and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
    Mark Twain

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    I think this is an 0ld version by Hornady pacific, I don't think they make bushings for this one any more. Ive had this for many years and its never been used. I don't shoot pistol i bought it because it was new and old.
    Click image for larger version

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      Yesterday I started testing it with Bullseye, 700X, Red Dot, Unique and 2400 just using the RCBS rotors. I was impressed with the consistency delivered (+/- 0.1) with each of these powders. I did note some cutting but this didn't seem to cause and significant difference. Some were very close to the printed Chart loads some were not. This testing was done with the LD mounted on a stand. Today I will see how it does freehand, not mounted. Being an old cheapskate I substituted RCBS lock rings for the RCBS's own rotor knobs. The Bailey Boat adjustable rotor looks like it will fill in the gaps but I haven't really done any serious testing yet.
      Good judgement comes from experience,
      and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
      Mark Twain


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        Glad the LD block work for you. Little Dandys are pretty popular, I sell quite a few of the storage blocks, and every time I pick up a Little Dandy measure, it sells within a day or two.
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          I have one of the Pacific measures that nearly duplicates the Little Dandy. But it's tough to find rotors for it. I have 5 rotors now all labeled for grains of Bulls Eye powder. These rotors are brass and are .685" in diameter. They have a knurled end for rotation grip. Anybody know the diameter of the little dandy rotors? I can't imagine that they'd interchange. Maybe Bailey Boat could make an adjustable rotor for it. RD
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            I don't think it would be hard to make a powder baffle, you could use a shinny piece of card board, or any thing that's easy to work with.


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              Originally posted by Rockydog View Post
              Anybody know the diameter of the little dandy rotors?
              0.85 on my Lyman's calipers.
              Good judgement comes from experience,
              and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
              Mark Twain


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                I have heard of people going to Ace Hardware and getting nylon bushings there 1/2"x1/2' then drill them out to fit the Hornady unit,, make them any size you want, They had aluminum bushings also. I don't know if you can do the same with the LD. The LD may be more consistent.
                This is what the inside diameters for the Hornady unit are supposed to be,, this is second hand information I can't guarantee it.

                #7 .262
                #8 .274
                #9 .278
                #10 .295
                #12 .310
                #15 .346
                #16 .354
                #17 .372
                #18 .378
                #19 .382
                #21 .419
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