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    I heard these guys praising this cleaning system on the 6.5 forum and finally decided they can't all be wrong. Well, they weren't. I got my order of bore cleaner and copper remover tonight and promptly grabbed out my 6.5 from the safe, still dirty from the weekend range trip. 4 patches later, the bore was clean of fouling. Switched over to the copper remover, and two times wetting and brushing had it clean again! This stuff is for real, and it has absolutely NO ODOR! I can't recommend it enough. If I shouldn't be posting things like this here, delete it, but this is simply an unpaid endorsement my fellow shooters should know. M-Pro 7 is legit.
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    i use m-pro 7 also, I like the foam for the bore cleaner, and their copper cleaner also.

    i do find there is a smell, moreso with the copper cleaner than the bore cleaner. not bad, just there is one.

    i also like gunzilla.... i'm trying to limit my exposure to hazardous solvents, i've had enough exposure to MEK during previous jobs, that my central nervous system doesn't need any more, especially when there are safe options.


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      I tried MPro7 mostly because the bottle states that it removes carbon. Don't believe it. It does absolutely nothing for carbon removal.

      I don't want to be the rotten egg in the thread, but that is my honest experience with the stuff.

      Now all I use it for is just cleaning actions, then wipe it off.


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        Just love the "smell of Hopps early in the morning" --LOL. My bud's wife swears he uses it for deodorant--never can tell about that gent either--lol


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          I love Hoppes as well. I love Ballistol too. Both get me griped at because their fragrance is not pleasing to my wife. I think she must be a woman, she sure acts like it. Plus, this stuff cleans faster than either of those two solvents, and that's a bonus in my book. Less griping, less wiping, I'm sold! :lol:
          National sovereignty is not a political matter. Our laws are not subject to dismissal because your virtue signaling, simple-minded, self-loathing, America hating view on immigration makes you feel like you are better than someone else. You aren\'t.


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            I used to love the smell of hoppes too. I also loved the smell of MEK and toluene....

            unfortunately read the msds on these things and I'm hoping I don't come down with Parkinsons because I needed a job to pay my college and industrial coatings paid well.

            nowadays, if I have a choice, I go with the non-toxic stuff if it works decently.


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              Have used the M pro 7 for a couple of years now. Consider it a decent bore cleaner. Another bore cleaner I use, that might be better, is Shooters Choice Aqua Clean....yep, as name suggests, it is water based. Both products have no smell. Another product that's decent, is Hoppe's Synthetic Blend and it does have the faint smell of Hoppe's #7. Odd thing to me about the Hoppe's Synthetic Blend is bottle states its a superior bore cleaner, but makes no mention it is good for removing copper, carbon and etc. Other than saying ingrediants are synthetic, does not say whats in it.

              Can recall day at range when one fellow shooter complained about M Pro 7 not getting rid of the copper fouling in his barrel. Another shooter near him was cleaning his rifle's bore with the Aqua Clean and he demonstrated how well it worked.


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                Dunno if it's my eyes, but I tried them all including wipe out foam and I just can't see the difference.
                I keep going back to Hoppes No.9. Nostalgia? Perhaps.
                But then I still use brass bore brushes too. Occasionally, if I think I see (?) some leading, I'll do a patch soaked with Hoppes and some JB.
                Of course, I'm one of those guys who clean after every shooting session and then shoot a couple of foulers at the beginning of each new one.
                Just hard to teach an old dog new tricks, I guess.
                Any day I wake up is a good day!
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                  Although I did not have a chemical analysis done Mpro seems to be a cross between windshield washer fluid and fantastic. Does not remove any more carbon than any other bore cleaner. Before I tossed it in the trash I did cleaned my bench top. Don't believe the 5 star reviews. It's just ok


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                    MPro is a master of advertising and little else.
                    Good judgement comes from experience,
                    and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.
                    Mark Twain


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                      Ed's Red is still my choice for everything but copper removal. RD
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                        not a fan of Mpro7 in fact.. I have a spray bottle that I think I used twice. I shoot handguns mostly tho. It does little or nothing for carbon or lead fouling... I like eds red... I add lanolin and amyl acetate to mask the acetone odor. Since it is so inexpensive to make I find that I use a lot more of it... which is good. Guns get a better cleaning. The ATF and lanolin offer some protection. Sweets 7.62 works good for copper removal but I shoot rifles seldom...



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                          My wife likes the smell of Hoppes, we've been married for nearly 40 years. I suspect there is a connection.


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                            My ex's would probly dispute that.



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                              I shoot mostly handguns and revolvers most of the time. Bullets are usually plated or coated Hi-TEK. Although I'm not supposed to get leading from either of these bullets I find that I do get a little bit anyway. One of my revos has a removable muzzle cap and lead builds up there.

                              Over the last year or so I have been trying to perfect my cleaning methods. My theory is that if I always clean my guns even it I shoot only 50 rounds I will get an accuracy advantage associated with firearm consistency. So I have been experimenting with a limited number of solvents and other cleaning supplies and of course my actual methods. I usually remove the cylinder from my revolvers when cleaning.

                              As far as solvents go I'm back to using the ever faithful Hoppes #9 . I run a bronze brush with solvent down the bore and let it soak. Then I soak the muzzle cap in hoppes. While a little bit on the expensive side I use a disposable swab make by RamRodz. 1 or 2 of these down the bore then I push a de-ledding patch made by kleenbore down the bore. These patches work very nice. I use the back side of the patch to rub against the inside of the muzzle cap, then a 3 sided reamer to scrape out any lead on the cap.It is amazing how much dirt the kleenbore patches dislodge from the bore.

                              I clean the charge holes in the cylinder in the same way and run the ramrodz through until clean, usually use 6 or 7 total of these each time. I oil the extractor on the cylinder with gun oil and lube the cylinder crane with Brian Enos Slide Glide. The inside window of the frame usually just needs to be cleaned with a bronze brush. A few drops of oil makes it ready and in pristine shape for the next time.
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