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What is an extended shell holder used for?

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  • What is an extended shell holder used for?

    I got an email blast from an on line supplier who is closing out RCBS reloading equipment. The had listed "extended shell holders" which look like a 1" shell holder. What are they used for? I'm guessing for their ram mounted priming tool?

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    From RCBS:

    The RCBS® Competition Extended Shell Holder allows reloaders to work with short cartridges when using the RCBS Competition Seater Die. It’s made of hardened steel and is black oxide coated. Note: Extended Shell Holders do not have a hole drilled out to decap brass during sizing. Note: Only for use with the Competition Seater Die.
    That's the limit of my knowledge on the subject....
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      I have one, and have for 30 years used it for loading short cartridges. It limits you press stroke. Mine is drilled for depriming; but can't be used to prime because the standard primer arm is too short.

      Basically it shortens the stroke on sizing short cases.


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        An extended shell holder is necessary with certain short dies. For example, the length of my .38/45 case sizing die is shorter than the thickness of the bridge of my loading presses. Thus, even with the dies in place flush with top of bridge, which is necessary, the bottom end is still enclosed in the threaded area of the bridge and not reached by a standard shell holder. The extended shell holder reaches into the hole and contacts the die. Hope this explains.


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          For an extended shell.

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