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    I like the cabelas brand corn cob and metalic case polish and i also polish after i trim to get any brass shaving out, my last trip to the range i shot some .223 i knew had some shavings in them the the shot out as sparts


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      Originally posted by nocturnalloader View Post
      I like the cabelas brand corn cob and metalic case polish and i also polish after i trim to get any brass shaving out, my last trip to the range i shot some .223 i knew had some shavings in them the the shot out as sparts
      That's actually what I wound up going with this first time around. I like the job it did in about 3 hours of tumbling


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        Originally posted by Ozark Ed View Post
        My actual cleaning process is this:

        Deprime with a universal depriming die
        Citric acid bath with Lemishine and Dawn dish soap
        Clean water rinse
        Dry the outsides of the batch with an old towel (if you're married you'll understand why you use an old towel)
        Tumble with walnut media which will also dry the insides.
        My own prepped brass just gets tumbled before decapping ad sizing.

        But for pickup brass: I'll look for some Lemishine.

        I have used Dawn with a bit of vinegar for cases with a lot of grit or dirt on board, as that will trash a set of dies. I rinse with boiling water, and drain right after. The heat helps dry out the brass, which I spin in a retired salad spinner.

        What polish do you use? I've added Remington 10X bore cleaner to cob media, and it perks up the shine real well, at least for several cycles.

        Seems like a lot of extra messing around, but for people that want clean shiny brass, (which everyone knows works the best :-), the extra effort works well.
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          Speaking from the viewpoint of a wacky OCD person, the clean shiny brass casings while desirable, are certainly not necessary. Just tumble them up, reload them, shoot them and start all over again. Shiny brass has zero impact on the process except to make lots more work. I use walnut shells and a dab of auto polish. Brass is clean and has a nice shine. Of course, that gets messed up when I spray on the case lube, so don’t sweat over trying to get factory new brass finish, it doesn’t matter. Invest your time in actually reloading and shooting !!
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            When I don't have time to Wet Tumble in SS Pins, I use my vibratory tumbler with the Lizard bedding. I add a couple of teaspoons of NuFinish Car Polish. It shines the cases up nicely, and prevents them from tarnishing so quickly. I even throw my wet cleaned cases (after they are dried) into this to help prevent tarnishing as fast.
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              I use reptile bedding media which is crushed walnut shells, from the pet shop. It's really inexpensive and a single bag will last a long time. I'm still using my first bag, I think it was 15 pounds for like 8 bucks. I went to the auto parts store and bought a bottle of Nu Finish car wax, I add one cap full of Nu Finish when the brass doesn't get polished in the three hour tumble time. It works great and the brass comes out very clean and polished in the same tumble session.


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                I've got a wet tumbler I use for really dirty brass. I've also have two vibratory tumblers. One is filled with crushed walnut shells from Harbor freight and the other with fine corn cob I got from Amazon.

                I use Nu Finish car polish on both. I find I have to run the corn cob a bit longer to get the same result.

                One thing to note is the walnut shells from Harbor freight are pretty inexpensive but they can be very dusty. To cure that problem just put some of the media in a paint strainer and use your air compressor to blow the dust out. Just wear a mask as that dust isn't good for ya.

                If ya live in N. Texas I have plenty of the walnut to share. I ended up with 50 lbs of it.
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                  North Texas huh???
                  Well you need to go here (literally):


                  and here:


                  Ok so rather than start a new thread about the shoot, I'll add to this one. The shoot is the 3rd weekend in April. Dates are April 20th -21st. Now as always there will be those of us who are there on the 19th to get the stuff set up, make sure there are no issues with any of the ranges etc. We do have a couple of changes this year.
                  First off starting this year we will have to move the cost up 5 dollars to 40.00 a person. Secondly we are going to have everyone bring what they want to drink. As always we will have water on hand but if you want something more or different you'll have to bring it. Lastly like last year AZMike will be handling the money if you could look him up fairly early upon your arrival that would be great.
                  As usual we will have breakfast, lunch is sandwiches and then the normal supper. Range is considered HOT from sunup to sundown unless otherwise notified. While we are out there please remember that we are guests and there will be regular members showing up to shoot . Lastly while we police up the range before we leave please clean up after yourself. For those that have been there before this is all old hat and I appreciate you bearing with me going over this. If you want to stay out at the range you're more than welcome to just bring a tent. There is water available but it's just cold and we do have toilets open. If you prefer to stay in Breckenridge the Ridge Motel is where some of the shooters stay and I haven't heard any negative things.
                  There are no Full Auto, No armor piercing, No tracers and if you bring a sound suppressor make sure you have your paperwork.

                  So with all that out of the way if you think you are making it to the shoot go ahead and let us know so we can get a head count and start getting supplies.

                  Take care Be safe Poacher.
                  Remember Breckenridge Texas, Not Breckenridge Colorado, so leave your snow skis at home!! Altho some of the berms are steep enough to get some good speed for about fifteen feet!!

                  Based upon history, I'll be on the range around noon on Thursday with the kitchen trailer.

                  There will be more information posted as we progress to the date.
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                    That sounds like fun. However, it's a three hour drive one way for what would be a day trip for me. My old broken body just can't handle that kind of trip anymore. Not to mention that's the same weekend that my home range has their defensive pistol match.
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                      Just an aside, I saw this in the floor cleaning supplies aisle in Wall Mart. It had "large batch brass separator " written all over it...


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                        I switched from that messy corn cob/walnut media stuff years ago. Now, all I use is ss pins in a rock tumbler, some Dawn dish soap, and a dash of Lemi-Shine. My vibratory tumbler is now used for powder coating lead bullets and as a compressed cased powder settler.
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                          On the rouge thing.... I had given up on it years ago because it left a red residue in like the extractor groove and even inside the cases.. I tried some again a week ago and yep.. same thing... I doubt it harms anything but man...



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                            Walnut works but it is dusty. I use Nu Finish with walnut and pleased with the finished product.

                            back in the old days, when Obama was in control, brass got difficult to come by. I scarfed all I could find. Alot of it was black from being left to the elements. Water, Dawn, Lemishine in a harbor freight tumbler with stainless steel pins made it look new. Much trouble but worked.


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                              I use toilet paper in my rotatory tumbler. Cheap and it works.


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                                I prefer a 40/60 mix of Lyman Treated Corn Cob and corn blast.

                                In the Lyman 2500 Tumbler I add 4 used Bounce dryer sheets and run for 2 hours. When it takes 4 hours to achieve the end result, I change the media.

                                Throw the dryer sheets away after every load.

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