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  • Lee classic powder measure

    I found an easy way to fix the small flake powder leakage on my lee classic powder measure. When you take out the powder drum you will see there is a groove in the casting, I guess they thought that this would catch stray powder and funnel it to the drop but with the fine flakes it just fills up and leaks past the metering drum. Well I looked at the groove and thought a heavy duty pipe cleaner for gun cleaning would fit perfectly and would stop the leakage so I tried it and it works like a charm. Just thought I would pass this along.

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    I too have a Lee Classic PM. I got it the first week of came out maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Never had any problem with leakage. A couple of years ago they dropped the cast iron body and went to zink and renamed it the Deluxe. It is my favorite bench mounted PM. It's a huge improvement over the PPM.
    Thanks for sharing this this tip. Hope I never need it. I've never used anything but the brass drum that it came with because the micrometer adjustment is so quick and precise and repeatable.
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      Thanks for the tip. I have a lee perfect powder measure, and I like lee equipment. That being said, mine too leaks the flake powders and the micrometer powder adjustment doesn't adjust down to zero. So I have had to adjust how I throw a charge, but it's no problem. The amount it is lacking would probably be less than a .25 caliber powder charge. And once I get it set it holds adjustment fantastically. Never had a problem with charge weights once it is set.


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        I've used the Perfect, it isn't exactly perfect, but reasonably good. Beat my Uniflow for stick powders, but did leak a small amount of disc powders. Switched to the Deluxe measure, have had no leakage with it.
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          Yeah, mine leaks a little with flake powders too. I am planning and saving for a deluxe eventually. I have read here and elsewhere the praises of the deluxe. I agree the perfect is "good enough" for now.