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  • Custom Machined Dillon Seater Inserts

    Hey guys,
    Since CA has been getting more and more retarded about ammo, I started reloading around a year ago. I have started finding little quirks that I did not like, but most people see as normal. I have a full machine shop, so I have started figuring out ways to remedy them, and figured that I would share it with you guys, as you might be interested in it as well.

    For example, I have found that pistol caliber seater dies are usually a universal SWC shape or RN shape that only properly fit a few different bullets. In my experience, this causes crooked seating, inconsistent depth, and deformation of bullets. To fix this, I have started custom machining the seater inserts to fit individual bullet shapes, and it has worked wonders.

    Here is an example of the one I did for the .451 HAP wich I load my .45 ACP's with. I now have less than .005” variance in length measured from the angle of the bullet, damn near perfect concentricity, and zero deformation. Also, Dillon dies are the shit. You can get replacement seater inserts for around $7 each, and each one can have 2 custom shapes.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    If anyone else likes the idea, i would gladly do it for yours.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Good stuff. I am a big fan of tighter tolerances. I don't have a machine shop at my house, but I do have the family hookup at a large, state of the art machine shop. I ask them to do stuff for me when I think the idea is solid and I have the diagrams done but they are craze busy so I don't bug them that much. Still, would be nice to be able to justify the spend on machinery to tinker with the ideas on my own time.
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      Umm, I actually don't like Dillon's dies very much. When I order custom seating stems, I request NO contact with the meplat/nose and contact as far down the ogive as possible. I also prefer Hornady seating dies as they have a sliding sleeve that helps to keep the bullet from tipping.
      Nice job, btw


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        Well done.


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          Good work. I have not gone as far as to make the stem fit the bullet profile exactly, I often just put a tapered "cone" shape in the stem to just touch, press against the ogive. I get very consistent seating...
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            I have heard of waxing a bullet, cleaning the seating stem cup with non chlorinated brake cleaner, filling the seating stem partially with epoxy and pushing the bullet carefully and precisely into the epoxy. After the epoxy is dry the wax should allow the bullet to be removed not unlike bedding a gun. Obviously this will wear over time but will hold up for longer that one expects. If it needs to be removed a bit of heat on the stem with a propane torch will usually allow the epoxy to release from the seater cup. RD
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