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Best Non-Reloading Tool on Your Bench

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    Originally posted by Mockingbird957 View Post
    Probably my collection of storage devices. I have a bunch of cheap crayon boxes, that work really well to organize my stuff. I like being organized, and I like having access to what I need right then.
    Drives me nuts to go looking for something when I need it!! I have all my shell plates and case gauges for each caliber I load in their own individual boxes with labels. I made foam inserts to keep them from rolling around in the box. Dies stay in their factory box except for my Lee crimp dies, those I made boxes for. And just like powder, only one set comes out at a time. Comes out the box, does it's job, back in box, back on the shelf.

    of course, then I step up to the bigger boxes for brass storage. I run my brass in batches. Those in the picture are all ready for priming and then loading. All the boxes are the same, transparent with labels inside. I can take a peek and see exactly where my supplies are at any time!

    and of course, no collection is complete without Captain Oily and le coffre au tresor! (the treasure chest-in french). I use the dillon spray case lube. I put my rifle brass in Captain Oily, spray them down, move them around, then go to town!! It's one job in life is to get brass Oily!!

    the le coffre au tresor box is something I use when prepping brass as a midpoint holding station. For example, when depriming, the brass can still be a little dirty and leave some dust in the box. Instead of dirtying ALL my brass storage containers, I only dirty one or two. Once the brass is fully clean, it goes into it's own box, and I clean out the ONE box that was the holding station. I named it "the treasure chest" because I feel like a pirate with treasure when I go through all that brass lol

    of course, once it's all loaded, I have mtm storage boxes for that !!
    Those Sterelite containers work very well. I store my bulk bullets in the smaller containers, and brass in either the small or next size up.
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      Well, guys-N- gals, you have mentioned alot of the items I use all the time for different operations. I do alot of gun refurbishing as well as loading and one thing I haven't seen is a redesisnated 5000BTU .
      A/C motor... really good for buffing when you need complete control. Because just a little more pressure than barely touching stops it dead, preventing too much being taken off
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        Clamps. The only items I have mounted to my bench are my single stage presses. Powder drop, case trimmer, etc. are all clamped to the bench when needed. I can also take them to the range to do on site load development.
        the other is a small, flat screen to watch the Red Sox games. Not really a tool, but indispensable.
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          My iPad. I have my beam scale elevated on a shelf above my bench. I prop up my iPad in camera mode and aim it at the needle on my beam scale. It’s displayed nice and big. I can see the slightest change when trickling powder.
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