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  • where's Robert

    every since I have been in this forum ,RobertMt was a daily contributor to the topics , anybody know if he is okay , health problems or other life gets in the way matters , Robert seemed to have a wealth of information and knowledge and as of a couple weeks ago noticed he was not posting at all anymore . ????

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    He mentioned some family stuff a while back.
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      Maybe he is trapped in his house by a snowslide....
      Been that kinda year.
      shoot\'em till your arm falls off


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        He's still around. Last post I recall seeing from him was in the politics section if I recall. PM him, he'll appreciate you reaching out.
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          I PM'd Robert. He's OK, but a bit too busy to communicate right now and has limited access to computer services. He'll be back in due time and thanks us for our concern. RD
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            Glad all is well with him.


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              good to hear R.D. , I would not know the man if he stepped on my foot , but I do know he was missing here . good to hear all is good .