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Treadmill with a weird cord and belt

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  • Treadmill with a weird cord and belt

    I add a fancy new nordictrack t 6.5s treadmill in my gym with a cord and a belt that I believe hooks onto the athlete. This is probably for sprinting? Does anyone here know what's this called and the value of it?

    I can not find anything online.
    Thank you

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    Says it's an auto shutdown if I read this right. Saves abrading your carcass if you fall on the mill

    And of course, a safety clip can be attached to your clothes which will power off the treadmill every time the clip gets detached.
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      The end that attaches to the machine on mine (Pro Form, made by the same company as Norditrck -- Icon Fitness) is magnetic. I tied the cord for the belt side around the frame and fling the magnet piece to the frame for storage. When in use I put the magnet in place. This creates enough of a slack loop that if by some chance I stub my toe and find myself going down from blackout level pain, I think I can take a swipe at the cord and prevent the dreaded belt burn on my face. If it ever happens and I fail to catch the cord, I will post a photo of the results on the board.
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