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Advice on supplement program ?

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  • Advice on supplement program ?

    I am looking at a few different options, just wanted some input. I just hit 51, still work out daily. Looking for I guess a combo of a testosterone boost, with strength and endurance/recovery increase to maintain my regimen. Has anyone tried bdg performance labs, the first thing that came up when I search this seems to fit just want some more input from the gurus before I buy lol. Any other options you guys subscribe to? I want something effective as well as safe of course.

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    I haven't found anything that works,


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      Guys, The poster above is a Pakistani Spammer. He's fishing for ways to get into your accounts. If someone comes on as a new member and his first post is asking personal questions DO NOT REPLY. If something looks fishy PM a mod or admin.

      This member has been banned for the second time today, as he logs on with a new name each time. The topic is now closed. Finnegan
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