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  • Quote from General Chesty Puller USMC

    These are quotes from Gen Puller during the fighting in the Chosin Reservoir as the 1st Marine Division fought their way from the Chosin Reservoir to the sea. This was November and December 1950. They fought in temperatures down to -35*.

    Lewis Burwell Puller
    One of the greatest US Marines legends and highest decorated Marine in history. His awards includes 5 Navy Crosses, Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star Medal.
    Lived: June 26, 1898 – October 11, 1971


    “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”
    – Lewis B. Chesty Puller, USMC

    “They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away from us now!”
    – Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC
    When the Marines were cut off behind enemy lines and the Army had written
    the 1st Marine Division off as being lost because they were surrounded by 22
    enemy divisions. The Marines made it out inflicting the highest casualty
    ratio on an enemy in history and destroying 7 entire enemy divisions in the
    process. An enemy division is 16500+ men while a Marine division is 12500 men.

    “The mail service has been excellent out here, and in my opinion this is all that the Air Force has accomplished during the war.”
    – Chesty Puller in a letter to his wife while in Korea

    “Don’t forget that you’re First Marines! Not all the Communists in hell can overrun you!”

    Marine Evening Prayer:

    "Good night Chesty Puller wherever you are"
    "The United States Marine Corps is a drug and I am a recovering addict."

    "American by birthright… U.S. MARINE by the Grace of GOD!"

    "And on the 8th day God created Marines and like fish, we came from the sea!"

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    His mother was a virgin.
    My goal in life is to be just like him.