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Coast Guard Not Getting Paid

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  • Coast Guard Not Getting Paid

    Please stand by for a short rant . . . okay, I'm active duty Coast Guard and I'm a little hacked that the odd 40k of us in uniform (plus our civilians) likely will go without our salary on Tuesday, 15 Jan. Politics aside, the very folks (including CBP and ICE) who are guarding our borders and shores should not be wrapped up in this back and forth. We were fortunate in the Coast Guard that we were paid on 31 Dec when the partial shut down had already occurred. But not this next time. I've saved up some money and am fine in the short term. But I think of the junior enlisted member, underway away from home with a spouse and kids at home who's living pay check to pay check. I'm glad my brothers and sisters in the Department of Defense are funded, but please remember we Coasties and the other DHS folks in the field who continue to work without pay until this situation is resolved. . . End rant.


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    Porter, I think it stinks.

    But when it is over, you will get your full pay for the time you are working now.??? correct???


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      That is my understanding. Congress passed a bill (not sure if POTUS has signed it) that will reinstate back pay to those who worked and those furloughed. So that is good, but it doesn't help a married E4 pay his rent and buy groceries now.


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        It is all part of a game and they make critical resources, such as you, a pawn. Not to add to your pain, but think of all the billions that are still going to pet BS research funding to study things that nobody cares about. I read something the other day that we are paying to study the sexual effects of cocaine on Japanese quail. Good grief. I would much rather you get a pay check.
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          Thanks and kind of you to say. But I would imagine those quail are having a heck of a good time (:-)!!!!! (Still gotta laugh!)


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            The people don't understand that 'a shutdown' doesn't save any money. zero. Everyone gets paid when it is over, even those who didn't work!!!!

            I have friends and relatives. Some are critical and working; while others are furloughed, and home or vacationing. BOTH WILL GET FULL PAY when the gov't goes back on line.

            This never seemed worked with out monthly pay but get your money THAT YOU RIGHTFULLY EARNED. But the furloughed people get their pay for the weeks they didn't work.
            Seems UNFAIR, sort of like the Christian bible thing... the parable of the laborers in thevineyard.


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              I understand what you are saying BEAR, but even those that are furloughed did not have a hand in the shutdown yet those that are responsible are getting paid. That is the part that seems to be unfair. I guess a simple way for me to look at, although admittedly not a great analogy, it is the difference between those on salary and those that are hourly. I can work 40 or 60 hours a week and my check does not change, yet some coworkers get time and a half for hours over 40.
              Friends don't let friends shoot factory ammo.

              Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
              -Winston Churchill


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                Not much I can say, it has already been said.
                Hang in there Coastie. Thanks.
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                  When I worked in the mill and got layed off for 4 weeks...I didn't get paid for the 4 weeks that I was idled.


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                    There are at least three things going on here --
                    Porter3861 One is the questionable responsibility of those E3s, E4s, enswines and jgs (and any others, black shoe or brown shoe) that got married then did not prepare (or were not prepared) for hard times. Sympathy is here, but they were probably thinking with their groins. Whining will NOT get the cash flow restored.
                    golong Second, the 27th amendment insists that the elected officials' cash flow cannot be held back, tho' it is a wonderful idea. (They get to take junkets to PR for opera and use the time off for unearned vacation.)
                    BEAR Third, this is not a layoff situation that is well recognized in labor law. Nor is it a lockout, all it amounts to is a hitch in cash flow that any union hand or production employee will recognize and prepare for.

                    I expect to get blasted for being a hard ass, but consider, as I did, that if dot gov wanted junior sailors to have wives, there would have been one in the issue seabag. Consider also Rocks and Shoals, expected back then.

                    All that said, the whole exercise is unneeded, it is political, toenails to skull. Rightly or wrongly, the borders are too porous for my liking, and DHS having it's hands tied does nothing for security. Nor do I care for the fact that the coasties are part of DHS. They are a military organization and should, to my mind, be DoD. YMMV, as always.
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                      They will be paid, do not doubt that for an instant.

                      Meanwhile we are not paying Total Stupidity Agents, and so we FINALLY are getting our money's worth out of them.


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                        The military and federal law enforcement shouldn't be part of this (or any) political fight. One has NOTHING to do with the other. As if two people were arguing whose going to clean water off the floor, and somebody turns off the light until they settle it.


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                          I have actually lived through every Government shut down in modern history...I am a long retired soldier and Later DA Civilian---they still impact me because every source of compensation my family gets if Federal...Wife retired soldier and Da Civilian..self retired soldier and Da security recipients, Va disability recipients...

                          Right now the shut down has me waiting for one or more 1099s
                          Right now the shut down has me waiting for a security Clearance (very lucrative job offer is pending on my ability to get back a Secret Clearance)

                          I know it be politically correct..BUT My notion is ONLY the Government workers that were forced to work with out pay...need to be compensated when it is over...the thousands that got extended leave without pay... work, no contribution to any mission, no product, sucks but you just got a moth off that did NOT count against your Annual or Sick bucks earned...none should be given...IMO

                          Way back at the other Long shut down my local JAG office was quick to let all of us OFF Post Soldiers get a letter relating to the Soldiers and Sailors Relief act... basically telling all of our creditors...( Cable TV, Water, Phone, Electric, Rent, Mortgage, Car Loan...etc) until we got back to proper pay. THEY could NOT take any adverse and exceptional collection efforts against us...soldiers WITHOUT a mid month or end of month pay other words you better not screw up a soldier credit report for something that was not within his or her control

                          I know sounds heartless BUT I taught personal finances for the Army and I and we always harped about having at least 6 months of free cash to survive if needed...

                          So Coastie... you are not the Boy Scout you needed to be...sorry...BUT YOU will get all Back Pay and all your Leave and sick leave and all other BAS BAQ and other perks... not really feeling the pity here...

                          YOU of ALL soldiers MUST understand the Necessity of Boarder Security....

                          So recite your oath of enlistment one more time in your head... and Pray that your Commander in Chief is victorious in this NONSENSE...cuz if Nancy and Chuck win...YOUR LIFE is FORFEIT...I truly believe this


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                            6 months savings says easy, does hard. This is not the economy many of us grew up in. Pretty hard to find a place to live on an E1 - E4 wage + basic living expenses and accumulate that kind of cash at the same time. Throw in a new wife and kid at the same time and some of these folks are going to be hurting pretty bad.
                            Friends don't let friends shoot factory ammo.

                            Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
                            -Winston Churchill


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                              It's common sense that regardless of your sources of income you need an emergency financial reserve. Income disruptions happen to Americans of all walks of life every day. Self-employed people live with this fact. I don't really have much sympathy either for anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck. It's more about spending habits than it is about income. However, forcing someone to work without pay was done away with back in the 1860's. The difference between a private sector employee and Coast Guard employee is the private sector can work somewhere else in the meantime. The Coast Guard employees cannot. They are forced to work at their jobs and wait to be compensated. That's just flatly wrong. I very much doubt that it's coincidence. Some politician or political bureaucrat has decided to withhold paychecks. We all know the federal government can pay the employees who need to get paid.
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