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Seriously? Government warns citizens of 'zombie apocalypse'

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  • Seriously? Government warns citizens of 'zombie apocalypse'

    When I first saw this.....I thought.....Ya gotta be kidding?"

    But considering some of the mentality of today's folks, maybe this is just the thing.

    Darwin in action with a boost from Hollywood.
    "I am, therefore I\'ll Think."- John Galt "Atlas Shrugged"

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    And we here are supposed to do what differently----????? Of course the sheeple will stampede, panic, and cry to uncle sugar more.


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      There have been zombie occurences for centuries (ok, milinea actually), most covered up by governments.

      An exerpt from the section of my Zombie Survival Guide:

      A British dig in 1892 unearthed a nondescript tomb. No clues could be found to reveal who the person who occupied it was or anything about his place in society. The body was found outside the open crypt, curled up in a corner and only partially decomposed. Thousands of scratch
      marks adorned every surface inside of the tomb, as if the corpse had tried to claw its way out. Forensic experts have revealed that the scratches were made over aperiod of several years! The body itself had several bite marks on the right radius. The teeth match those of a human. A full autopsy revealed that the dried, partially decomposed
      brain not only matched those infected by Solanum (the frontal lobe was completely melted away) but also contained trace elements of the virus itself. Debate now rages as to whether or not this case prompted late Egyptian specialists to remove the brains from their mummies."

      "329 B.C., AFGHANISTAN
      An unnamed Macedonian column built by the legendary conqueror Alexander the Great was visited many times by Soviet Special Forces during their own war of occupation. Five miles from the monument, one unit discovered the ancient remains of what is believed to be Hellenic
      Army barracks. Among other artifacts, there was a small bronze vase.
      Its inlaid pictures show: (1) one man biting another; (2) the victim lying on his deathbed, (3) the victim rising up again; and back to (1) biting another man. The circular nature of this vase, as well as the pictures themselves, could be evidence of an undead outbreak either witnessed
      by Alexander or related to him by one of the local tribes."

      Details of this outbreak are surprisingly sketchy, given that it occurred within a relatively settled part of the planet within the latter half of the twentieth century. According to fragments of secondhand eyewitness accounts, scraps of yellowed newsprint, and a suspiciously vague
      police report, a small outbreak of zombies attacked and besieged Hank Davis, a local fanner, and three hired hands in a barn for five days and nights. When state police dispatched the ghouls and entered the barn, they found all the occupants dead. A subsequent investigation determined
      that the four men killed one another. More specifically, three men were slain, while the fourth took his own life. No concrete reasonis given for this occurrence. The barn was more than safe from attack, and a small stock of food and water was only half depleted. The present theory is that the zombie's incessant moaning, coupled with feelings of total isolation and helplessness, led to a complete psychological
      breakdown. No official explanation was given for the outbreak.
      The case is "still under investigation." "

      1968 A.D., EASTERN LAOS
      This story was related by Peter Stavros, a substance-abuse patient and former Special Forces sniper. In 1989, while under psychological evaluation at a V.A. hospital in Los Angeles, he related this story to the attending psychiatrist. Stavros stated that his team was on a routine
      search-and-destroy mission along the Vietnamese border. Their intended target was a village suspected of being a staging area of the Pathet Lao (Communist guerrillas). Upon entering the village, they discovered the inhabitants were in the midst of their own siege against several dozen walking dead. For unknown reasons, the team leader
      ordered his team to withdraw, then called in an air strike. Sky raiders armed with napalm plastered the area, destroying both the living dead and the human survivors. No documented evidence exists to corroborate Stavros' story. The other members of his team are either dead, missing in action, missing within the United States, or simply declined
      to be interviewed."

      So many more notable stories but they are rather lengthy.

      Sperry Ala. 1979
      2 nearby (300 miles separated) incidents in Brazil 1980
      A Dec. 92 occurence in Joshua Tree Nat. Forrest in Cali followed by a Jan 93 outbreak in L.A., followed by a Feb. 93 in L.A.

      The 94 San Pedro outbreak coverup (last part of a lengthy story):
      "All news stories filed claimed the incident was an attempted break-in. No government statements, on any level, were made. Dockyard management, the San Pedro Police-even the private security company that lost eight of its guards-have remained silent. The Mare Caribe's crew, her captain, and even the company itself deny any knowledge of the original container, which has also mysteriously vanished.
      The port itself coincidentally caught fire the day after the attack. What makes this cover-up so incredible is that San Pedro is a large, busy port situated in one of the most heavily populated areas in the United States. How the government was able to suppress almost all sources of information is tmly astounding. Goodwin's photos and
      statement have been branded a hoax by all parties involved. She was dismissed from her job on the grounds of psychological incompetence."
      I don\'t always venture out into the sub-freezing darkness, but when I do, it is hunting season, and I carry a Browning. Stay hungry my friends.


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        The gub greatly concerns me much more than any "walking dead". I often walk at night alone and have no fear of things that go "bump". Stepping on a snake is about the only thing that scares me. The gub is the same way--only problem with them is that they walk on two legs.


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          Lol. They try and get you to prepare and "have a plan", but if you actually do any of the things they suggest, you are then suspected of being a domestic terrorist. Lol. Kind of funny.

          They say "store food"... But if you do, they call that a sign of possible terrorism....

          Acts 4:12


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            Most of the zombies work in various gummint departments.
            Homo sapiens, [ˈhōmō ˈsāpēənz] Noun. An advanced primate characterized by a large brain which it seldom uses.


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              The theory: If you're prepared for a zombie attack, the same preparations will help during a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake or terrorist attack.

              Sooooo Why not just prepare for a hurricane, pandemic, and terrorist attack???????

              The problem is we've got to many idiots around,the Gov and media, these days that grew up on Playstation and cable TV
              Not as Lean, Not as Mean, but still a Marine!

              If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. -- Thomas Paine


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                Zombie = Gub'ment dependants!
                We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

                ~Ronald Reagan


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                  Our government folks (bless their pointy little heads!) want us to be PREPARED! Unless, of course, that preparedness involves our schools and the protection of our children. In that case the proper preparedness is to create sacred and inviolable gun-free zones and then completely disarm ourselves. Because then everything will be hunky-dory and we will all live happily ever after.

                  So let it be written; so let it be done.
                  Homo sapiens, [ˈhōmō ˈsāpēənz] Noun. An advanced primate characterized by a large brain which it seldom uses.


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                    SavageShooter wrote:
                    Zombie = Gub'ment dependants!

                    That was a good one.


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                      SavageShooter wrote:
                      Zombie = Gub'ment dependants!
                      I've always thought "zombie" was code for mindless "alphabet" employees, including their charges, does make sense.
                      Columbia Falls, MT
                      If we don’t speak out against the infringements of today, it will weaken our ability to stop the next infringements.
                      Since it took 26th Amendment to change voting age, expanding rights under 14th Amendment. Why doesn't same requirement, to restrict rights, extend to 2nd Amendment?

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                        so umm you guys dont get it do you ? ... just whom do you think voted obama in for a second term ??? ( hint - it wasnt all government dependents )
                        (happy shootin\'-the best way to get empty brass!)



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                          SavageShooter wrote:
                          Zombie = Gub'ment dependants!
                          Hey, someone had to vote them in..... Just saying
                          "There\'s no such thing as a good gun. There\'s no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys."

                          -Charlton Heston


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                            I think that a pandemic is on the horizon. with air travel making the world much smaller and biological weapon research we can expect it at some point.

                            While zombies seem pretty far fetched... living and diseased people in a world with most of the population already dead is not too far fetched.