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    fmax wrote:
    Silvertip wrote:
    Lets see, Once upon a time... What and how, did it happen in Germany? Cambodia? Iraq? China? Russia? Angola? and a few others. It wasn't armed outsiders that killed millions of unarmed citizens
    In those cases it was either oppression against a ethnic group, a certain religion or political background. That stuff doesn't happen overnight, all the big genocide that happened from those countries came after big political changes and years of war against other countries, those countries were politically AND financially unstable, paving the way for a certain ruler to rally the army against a certain group of people which they blamed for the failures of their country.

    The rebellions that is going around the country right now is mild compared to previous ones(1992 LA? Too many to list), but lets say it escalates to a point where the military has to take over NY for example, because the police and protesters are disregarding the law and full out fighting in the streets. If you live in NY and the army is coming to take over, and they have executive order to disarm all residents of NY, with full modern era military power, I'm talking about tanks rolling down the streets, squads knocking on doors, how am I supposed to hold my ground against that?

    I am not talking about SHTF a hurricane passing by and I gotta last a month without leaving my house, that is a possible scenario that I am very aware of and prepared for. The government trying to kill me or throw me in a concentration camp is something I'm still trying to understand if is something real enough and something possible to prepare, if it does happen, what can we do about it aside from trying to prevent it?
    I too think prepping, with the sole intent of surviving/fighting a tyrannic government is a bit over the top. However, that does not mean it is out of the cards. I think one's preps should be flexible enough to allow one to morph into whatever form TSHTF takes. This means, if I live in a hurricane zone, I prep not only on my permanent property, I make some arrangement for prep at a bug out location. Hurricanes generally come with advance warning, and if one choose to not weather the storm, you have the means to provide your basics while away from home (you won't always be able to take it with you)

    A hostile government takeover is going to be just that, hostile, and many are not going to go quietly into that dark night. Make some friends. Look at Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Bosnia, every one of them defined by civilians fighting a government. In those times one gets four choices, join the government, join the rebels, become a refugee, die in the cross fire; which may happen anyway. The question really is what do you want your life to buy. Even if they come to your door, and you go out in a blaze of glory so to speak, many thousands of others are going to do the same. If a million men take another million with them, that's one hell of a statement.

    Also, don't think for a moment that all who are in the armed forces are going to blindly follow orders. A very large portion of our men in uniform understand their oath is to the Constitution not to the government.

    Take a close look a Ferguson. I don't know your age, but understand that same kind of violent mob crap happened in Watts, Detroit and Chicago in the late 1960's, it happened again in L.A. after the Rodney King verdict, it's happening now in New York, and again in L.A. Think it won't happen where you live? How many rounds of ammo do you want to have on hand to defend your home? Think those same rounds can't be used to defeat a tyrant?

    No, for a moment I wouldn't prep solely to fight a hostile government, but not for a moment do I think that those preps don't take me a step close to being able to do so if the need arises.

    Kent State circa 1970. National Guard unit opened fire on war protestors. 5 died, several of whom were not even involved in the protest. If that happened in Ferguson, how fast would the situation devolve into a shooting contest between the goblins, the NG, local police forces and the general population. Not fear mongering, just asking, if it occurred where you live, could you survive it? Could your family?


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      RobertMT wrote:
      What can a small percentage do against a superpower?

      From Sipsey Street: During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came. Three Percenters today do not claim that we represent 3% of the American people, although we might. That theory has not yet been tested. We DO claim that we represent at least 3% of American gun owners, which is still a healthy number somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million people. History, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority. So too are the current enemies of the Founders' Republic. What remains, then, is the test of will and skill to determine who shall shape the future of our nation. The Three Percent today are gun owners who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act. Three Percenters say quite explicitly that we will not obey any futher circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked. We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, we are committed to the restoration of the Founders' Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic. We are the people that the collectivists who now control the government should leave alone if they wish to continue unfettered oxygen consumption. We are the Three Percent. Attempt to further oppress us at your peril. To put it bluntly, leave us the hell alone. Or, if you feel froggy, go ahead AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.
      Well said!
      Folks need to also realize the Revolution did not start over tea but when the Brittish tried to disarm us.
      "What is your major malfunction numb nuts?!"


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        I'm late to this thread but here is my 2cents
        My personal belief is it'll will come as an economic crisis, our country is 18 trillion dollars in debt that does not include the 220 trillion dollars in unfunded liability we shoulder also, china owns us lock stock and barrel, there are more people on government assistance than ever before, some stats say that there are more people on welfare than there are people working and paying there own way, now what happens if for what ever reason our financial system collapsed? All those people unable to get food, trucking companies can't get fuel, In just two days the bulk of the people in this country would lose their mind! They have no survival skills at all, the veneer of society would sluff off fast! The feds would probably sit it out for about a week then move in under the pretext of restoring order, martial law would be declared but getting control of even one major metropolitan area would require an army, your larger more liberal cities wouldn't have near the firearms your "flyover" cities and towns have, so the major cities would be enslaved first, then taking middle America would be the most difficult! This is where the real fight for the United States we all use to know will take place!
        For any who think that those armoured vehicles can be holed by any rifle you are mistaken those things can take multiple hits from a 20mm and survive!
        A guerilla fighter doesn't have to win he just can't lose
        MOLON LABE!
        80 million armed americans! now that\'s peace of mind!

        Teach the children quietly, for someday sons and daughters will rise up and fight while we stood still!


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          am slowly coming up to speed and on line for opening day !!!! OK and yah right !!!
          Tight Lines / Shoot Often
          NRA Life Member / Certified Instructor
          Friends of the FORTY FIVE



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            To me, zombie, is a simile for starving city dweller on government assistance when the checks stop coming. They won't be slow and stumbling and they will be armed. The cities will burn. The rural areas will be killing fields.

            In the beginning the gubmint is not going to attack us. They WILL institute marshal law and it WILL be the end of our constitutional republic for a long time and most likely permanently. A couple years on, the 'gubmint' ( read military dictatorship ) will go into the rural areas to pacify the 3 percent which will have become the 25% ( of country people ) by that time.

            To my mind, if I happen to be alive at that time, the best recourse will be to surrender the arms and ammunition I have not hidden in the hills and play nice. The time for conspiracy and organizing the resistance will have arrived. We already know American plutocrats and their gubmint don't know how to win against a guerrilla force. We will have a chance.

            But it will be the drones that will be our biggest problem. Much of the military will not only refuse to turn their guns on fellow citizens but will join us. However a thug in a basement room at the pentagon can direct a drone with irresistible force and massive killing power to strike anywhere on earth. The deepest cave will not protect. They will just collapse it. A few dozen of these thugs is all they will need. And as well, every 'rebel' group will be infiltrated with informants.

            So in summary. It is and it is not really the gubmint we have to fear It is the people that the gubmint has rendered dependent and uneducated. Even debauched and savage. These will be the bullet catchers and cannon fodder thrown at us that we must first face. But after, it WILL be the gubmint ( a dictatorial cabal actually ) that we will face.

            Will this ever happen? The utterances of Jesus of Nazareth, the Apostles who wrote books in the New Testament and most of the Old Testament prophets say it will.

            But that does not mean or instruct that we are to lay down and take it. For me, I advocate secession NOW. I believed in secession before Obama was ever elected. This ain't America any more. We are a subjugated people ruled by plutocrats steeped in ivy league thinking and drenched in the power hunger that comes from living in Washington DC. The capital of this nation should be in Wichita, Kansas or Oklahoma City.
            Those that worship animals will eventually begin sacrificing human beings.

            "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire." - G. Mahler


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              What I write here made me sick, I took a detour after work Wednesday, over 100 miles out in the middle of nowhere.
              Hiway 36 in Central Utah.
              Driving along in the place I figured one could go and get away from it all, was a pole on the South side of the road, with a Solar Panel and a 360 degree camera.

              The things I have seen in my life ...............
              I don't dare talk about it.
              WATCH THE MATRIX
              DO WHAT IT SAYS
              FREE HEALTH CARE


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                knobster wrote:
                CenterPoint wrote:
                2 words:
                Mosin Nagant

                for when you want to punch a fist sized hole in something and light it on fire all at the same time.

                i took mine out a few weeks ago
                i managed to shoot al the way through a 3' steel plow - the solid cores of the mil surp ammo just punches through.
                also seen videos on youtube of it punching through grade 8 bullet proof glass on the seccond try
                Sweet! I bought one of those babies a few years ago. I've only shot paper targets with it though..
                Try ductile iron manhole covers. Lovely craters.
                -Remote locations are cheap insurance.
                -There are two kinds of ships: Submarines and targets


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                  You say Zombies aren't the problem,
                  Chuck Schumer
                  Piers Morgan
                  Joy Behar
                  They sound like Zombies to me.
                  WATCH THE MATRIX
                  DO WHAT IT SAYS
                  FREE HEALTH CARE


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                    If you look at were we are today compared to were the country was at in the 50's and 60's.
                    We are not the same country.

                    Back in the old days our enemy was easy to see. They believed they could take over countries with force and popular uprisings.
                    As wars in Korea and Vietnam proved. Thats a very costly operation and does not work.

                    We some how think that since the cold war is over that Communism has been defeated.
                    And that may be true to an extent. But the Socialist have not.
                    They just are not overt about their actions any more. They know that they cant force a take over of the USA overtly.
                    We are (were) just too darn self reliant.

                    They changed tactics. Their goals have been to rot from with in and that they will take power in small incremental steps. They will breed out the power of the USA and leave a weak soft shell.

                    What was needed to accomplish these goals?

                    #1 Gain control of higher education Check
                    #2 Gain control of the young via primary education Check
                    #3 Infiltrate the bureaucracy gain de facto control of Government agencies. Check
                    #4 gain control of the media. Mostly a check.
                    #5 Instigate over use of our social welfare system. This is our Achilles heel. Promote the over use of ALL systems available. Our system can not support maximum social welfare usage. It will crash from the strain. Getting there.

                    Other goals they needed are the break up of the American power base. The family being high on the list. Our 50% divorce rate should tell you were we are.
                    They also need to kill off God in all things. Take the power from him and give it to the state.

                    They have more bullet points. But the ultimate goal is to crash from with in. There by creating the climate that they can have that popular uprising they need to take full power.

                    Is it working???

                    Just because Joseph McCarthy over reacted and destroyed our defense. Does not mean he was wrong and what he said was happening was not happening.
                    The witch hunt he was running to expose Communist will eventually be run in reverse.

                    "Enabling bad behavior does not bring about good behavior.
                    It just dulls the shovel so its harder to dig out when you finally get around to it." Said by Me


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                      pretty sure the government can't even handle a Katrina event much less 2 or 10 major riots. I really don't care how much ammo they do or don't buy

                      zombies? think pandemic.. that is most likely in any case. war? sure.. probly....

                      worst case scenario is economic collapse. everyone still alive and fighting over the scraps. better 40-90% of the population is dead from pandemic or war. None of these things is pleasant. even highly skilled and motivated people will be seriously PTSD in short order...



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                        It's already 2017 and I still do think that what Lazs said is still inevitable.


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                          I don't know what my Son would do without Zombies. They are his excuse to buy another weapon.
                          Never drink down stream from the herd.


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                            Just bury the dead with their shoe laces tied together. There Problem solved ..... next ........


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                              Originally posted by Old Cop View Post
                              I don't know what my Son would do without Zombies. They are his excuse to buy another weapon.
                              Zombie Democrats...I mean Demonrats. Good excuse imo.