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Weedless Musky (muskie) lure?

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  • Weedless Musky (muskie) lure?

    I troll for muskies, in a lake choked with weeds.

    Usually I have 4 rods ot at 4 different depths. I get both floater weeds a,d sunmudged weeds.

    Any thought about a GOOD semi weedless lure?

    The weeds seem to get worse every year. And I get slower cleaning them off.

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    Many decades ago Minnesota fishing for Muskie and Northern Pike ruined me for fishing..... in fresh water ( Army Brat Dad Commanded Twin City Army Ammo Plant , we lived in Fridley)

    No trout, Gar, small or large mouth bass, or several hundred of white bass has ever thrilled me as much as my first giant fresh water fish and had to release it as TOO BIG 37.5" ...circa 1968~1969 slot size on many of the lakes...My first was on lake Lake Winnibigoshish

    seems to me dad had us casting and trolling Johnson spoons (weedless) or weedless Red Devils


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      Thanks for the post Fred. Muskie fishing can be adictive; been doing it for 40+ years. My best is 50", which is good for my lake as they are mostly 'tiger' muskies.

      I'm now trolling Johnsons weedless spoons. And I add a yellow or white or chartruse modified twister tail. this looks like a great presentation to me; but didn't catch a single musky on this combo all this summe.

      I try to fish the very edge of the weedy shoreline, usually 11- 13 foot. I'm getting a side scan sonar this winter, so in spring hopefully I will be able to 'see' the weed line closer.


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        BIGGEST fresh water Fish ever was in a 28" deep ice of White Bear lake.....Thank God for the HUT and Heater.....47.5" Northern Pike....I think 7th grade Spring Lake Park JR High around 1967~68

        Sucker froze solid on floor of the hut

        Later at home thawed out and freaked my mom out as the big fish flapped all over the smallish kitchen,,,, good times

        The few years in Joliette Illinois and Fridley Minnesota was when dad and his cohorts taught us boys bird hunting, deer hunting, Coyote hunting (bounty) and fresh water fishing....

        We took a few trips to Wisconsin and I remember one COLD clear water lake that was bad asses deep!!! and you could see all the way to the bottom...something like 150 foot deep we had a glass bottomed box and we leaned over the edge of the boat and could see fish clear as daylight

        For some reason those assignments for my dad, let him have enough buddies and free time to go camping, hunting and fishing...

        So Capt (O-3) then Maj (O-4) von Gortler took his children out in the world and gave survival and nature lessons

        As well as water sking, cooking, hiking, stalking, land navigation....I bet before I was 12 I had more field craft than any graduate of any service Basic training....
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          I use the largest Doctor and Johnson silver minnow weed less. I put a plastic worm on the hook. It changes the action and if they miss they get a hunk of something soft and are more likely to try again.

          Endeavor to persevere.


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            That looks pretty much like the ones I made for weedy places. I have whipped red bits of wool to the hook but will have to try the plastic worm thing I think.


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              An 8 inch live creek chub or sucker with a big single hook threaded just under his skin and turned so that the barb and point are buried just ahead of the tail is fairly weedless, unless you jerk on the line prior to the Musky inhaling it.
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                right now, I'm thinking of making some very large hooks with 60# hook guards, and rig them in plastic 10 inch saltwater shad (White).

                Musky always hit the head of a bait, often on a downward angle. Thinking a single head hooked, maybe glued to the bait. would like to use a circle hook.
                I need to make/buy one that trolls well, as that is my method for large Esox...wrists will not let me cast any longer.