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  • Arial view of what is home

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    Pretty nice. Gotta love the quiet. Cat sure didn't appreciate the drone liftoff!
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      Looking forward to taking the houseboat onto land though.


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        Pretty nice, I love stuff like that. Glad you showed the east side, I was wondering where the grill was at.


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          I spent a bit of my life on boats an the water but traditionally we rented or owned housed on land

          always was and still am intrigued with House boat living

          Doubt I ever will

          Still ---what am I looking at here...looks like in the middle of some place with a few docks... assumed anchored
          this paid rent or free in the middle

          Sorry if these have been asked and answered before


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            Water and fuel for the generator I bring out in one of the little boats. The docks I found and salvaged after the hurricanes. I have 7 anchors out of different makes and weights from 70 to 130 pounds and together about 900 feet of chain. There are a couple more on the back of the long dock as spares just in case.
            I run a 5000 watt inverter / charger and some golf cart batteries. The generator runs over the day time and charges the batteries and supplies the boats. At night it all runs via the inverter of the batteries. Cooking stove , oven and hot water runs on propane


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              Petty nice set up, a boat for every need, but after years of boats there just holes in the water you thru money into.
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                Well I am at the end the money gets thrown at . I fix those holes in the water for a living and drive them around for people at times. In fact tomorrow I have to take a boat to Savannah for a quick haul to and then back to here. Try some new sails on the way back and see how she does with them. Its a older 50 foot race yacht. I'll take the go pro along and get a video clip or two


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                  Sound nice, I do miss being out on the water at day break.
                  Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson


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                    Looks a lot like my office did on Oct 16th
                    But my office doesn't float as well.......
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