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    This is about a month old but still remarkable that no one drowned. On March 9 approximately 150 Ice fishermen were ice fishing on Lake Erie when the ice broke away from land and started heading across the lake. About 100 were able to escape along an ice bridge still attached or swim to shore. The large floe that the remaining 46 were on began to break up into smaller floes. This necessitated the launch of two Coast Guard airboats, 4 CG helicopters and some civilian air boats. All 46 were safely rescued.

    Full story here:

    I used to watch fishermen on Lake Geneva, WI put planks from the shore to the ice to drive their cars on the melting ice. The shoreline was shallow and melted before the deepwater ice. These guys were nuts in my opinion. Fishermen with a death wish.
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    Ya picked that one up and everyone survived, great work by the CG they never get enough credit.
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      My dad drove out on Geneva ice with me when I was about eight. We sat inside with the doors open and fished with the heater on to keep us warm. I asked him why if we could fish through the ground when it was cold, why couldn't we do it in the summer too? We wouldn't need to go to a lake or rent a boat, right? He explained that the lake was under us and the hole wasn't through ground, but ice.
      I freaked out, screaming that we were gonna sink and die and he finally drove us back on land. I haven't ice fished since.