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    Just got back from shooting mine. A friend's range has a 24" steel plate at 420 yards. I was hitting it 50% of the time using tracer ammo. Just screwing around shooting off hand.


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      The farthest I can currently shoot is 300 yards. Just enough to let you know what you're doing wrong!
      ...keep your stick on the ice.



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        I have a STG-58, a SAR-48 and a G1

        I also used to have a Rhodesian R1, an Imbel and an Indian L1A1. (Safe is getting full so one of these days the G1 is going to find a new home). I have shot a full auto down at the creek and it was much more controllable than an M-14.

        The military chamber really expands the case to where after only a couple reloads you can see the ICS ring inside the case. They also need full length sized which usually stretches the case and then it needs trimmed - a whole lot of extra work.

        My ar-308 fired brass will plunk right in a Wilson case gage and show proper headspace without any sizing. I can then use a busing die and it will chamber in my R-700 no problem.

        I do like the FAL, it is a tough ol girl but I am liking the AR for regular use.
        That's my opinion and I'm stick'n to it...
        ...till I change my mind.


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          I have had an SAR-48 for about 20 years now. Its the one on the bottom.


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            Of all my battle rifles, my Fals are my favorite, they aren’t as accurate as my M1A’s but I still love them.


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              I'm still kicking myself in the rear for not picking up an FAL at a Cedar Rapids gun show priced at $400 about 10 yrs ago.