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Name brand accessories that important?

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    Yes, Name Brand Accessories matters greatly to the G.Q.'s, to the rest of us, not so much.


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      Name brand matters to me but only for quality. Flavor of the month/day/year or cool/tactical factor does not matter.
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        For me its not about price as much. I don't mind paying a little more ( within reason ) for something that is made in the country I am living in. Case in Point. When I lived in Germany, I drove a Mercedes. My time in England I had a Land Rover. And now that I have settled this side of the pond, The missus has a GMC and I drive a Ram. I bought a new saw last week and instead of buyni Bosh, I went with a Skillsaw. I then found out after the fact, That both of the worm drive saws are made in the same factory. Yep in China. Ya can't win em all I guess. Another thing for me is to buy local. I got the saw at a local hardware store for example. I have to admit that I do have a PSA store within a 20 minute drive. So I can just go there and pick up what I want and not have to order it online. The upside for paying a little more is that the folks behind the counter get to know you. If I have a problem with a tool, I don't have to dig out a reciept to prove the warranty. I plonk it on the counter and get a replacement, no questions asked. Things like that matter more to me then a little extra spent money.


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          I go out of my way to buy local, support my neighbors, and made in the USA, hate buying things twice, will pay for the quality, just to have it last, and a good warranty.
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