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    Even if you're just using Hodgedon's online resource that will give you IMR Hodgedon and Winchester powder load data all at once, and then comparing those choices to the burn-rate chart.

    I personally only have a Lee book as a starting place and just double check and cross reference everything with the Hodgedon online reloding resource and also compare to Nosler's free data to find the best starting charge.


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      Originally posted by Savageluvr View Post

      Thanks much.. That's sort of the way I was thinking about it.. Use 110 data but restrict it to those powders which fall into the speed bracket of those usable in the M1.
      One question, since I'm using an extra light projectile, would a powder on the faster end of the bracket be better than a slower one or on the slower end? I'll probably choose something that as close to the middle to be safe. Just wondering if a faster or slower ( within M1 burn limits) would be more efficient?
      I would have to do some rooting around in data to determine for myself any kind of "hard and fast" answer, but, off the cuff again......

      For the most part, you get more velocity by using more, slower, powder, because more powder equates to more powder GAS volume without exceeding chamber pressure limits.
      Now, that given, there is a "sweet spot" with any powder where this works best as it relates to bullet weight and bore diameter. Too light of a bullet and it can be accelerated so fast that it outruns the burn ability of the powder to "keep up".
      Bullet velocity is ALWAYS a function of pressure driving it and the amount of time that pressure has to act, countered by bullet inertia.
      Too slow a powder or too light a bullet and the powder just cannot generate maximum driving pressure.
      Your maximum velocity will be achieved by using a powder that does BOTH, reach maximum cartridge pressure AND make a large volume of gun gas to slow pressure drop as much as possible.

      I stumbled across an illustration for this, personally.

      In .45 Auto, I have a load involving 10.8gr of Vectan SP#2 which is a very slow handgun powder (same as VhitaVouri 3N38 supposedly), that drives a 230gr bullet to 1,044fps from a 5" gun, at roughly 19,000psi, very near to full bark pressure. I also get extremely low deviation round-to-round (like 9fps)
      If I put a 185gr bullet atop this load, Vectan's data I should be able to get 1,200fps, but I cannot, about 1150 is it, AND the velocity deviation goes to crap (would have to look again but like 40fps or more). Test data even using almost 2 grains (12.5gr) more is only 17,000psi, and I have tried it with 2 full EXTRA grains (14+grains) of powder, No change in velocity OR deviation, just powder wastage.

      The powder works great against the backpressure of the heavy bullet but under the lighter bullet it just cannot keep up as it needs to.
      The "balance" is off quite a ways.


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        First let me say thanks for engaging me on this and I know we're working off the cuff basically in theories.
        So then, Say I used one in the middle to a little slower than middle of the burn speed category with a middle of road charge weight and it cycled, theoretically, IF I then progressively used faster and faster powders with a charge reported to give approx same velocity as the first I used eventually it is probable that it would be as you described , the bullet would start to outrun the gas volume and stop cycling? I would then assume that the very next slower powder on the scale might be my optimum powder as far as being gentle on the rifle, yet still functional? ( In theory) I'm starting to realize that those ballisticians are no dummies and have very interesting jobs.. I should've paid better attn in school. I'm also beginning to think the only way to really go about it would be to have the ability , which my brain does not, to calculate how much gas volume is currently being used and what the ends of the spectrum are. I'm sure Garand had an unlimited supply of rifles to test with and trashed many until he calibrated his gas system to work with the M2 Ball.. I only have this one, which is the reason why I'm asking others for input. I love my Milsurps more than any other I own. Maybe it's time to break down and buy the adjustable gas plug... No doubt cheaper in the end
        All this may be in vain as it may prove to shoot like a shotgun vs a rifle, but is a good winter exercise for me. I tend to vegetate up here in the snow if I don't find something to work on. If in the end it sucks, I'll go to my tried and true 150 Hornady FMJ's. At least if I hit one with them I can still sell the pelt.. Doubtful with the VMax's


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          While on active duty, we carried Korea era M1's. With a good rest we could hit in the heart area of a silhouette target at 200 yds 10 rounds out of 10 rounds with military ball ammo.
          If you do your part the M1 should be able to hit a coyote with little problem.
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            Late to the conversation here, but why not look into an adjustable gas plug for the M1 to prevent over gassing issues that could cause damage? I purchased one for mine for about $40 and it was the best investment for that rifle I've ever made. I was even able to de-gas the factory 150gr AE ammo for the M1 and mine shoots like a dream. Just saying..

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              Originally posted by Savageluvr View Post
              Anyone tried the 110 Vmax in a Garand? They shoot great in my 03A3 with BL-C-2,
              I had a Garand when there was lots of BL-C available, and Herters sold 110gr HP bullets for uber cheap. The combination worked fine, and it killed groundhogs as far as I could see 'em with a 6 o'clock hold.

              Most likely you're 03-A3 load will be fine.
              Experience is what you get, when you don\'t get what you want ;-)