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    The MPX is also a spring loaded firing pin, no forward asst. like that. sound like its coming together nicely.
    I was read the other day BATF wants to place restrictions on them, so we're just in time, Sig stopped making the 8" bbl and how only do the 5" and 16".
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      The reason I got the CMMG RDB barrel/BCG assy from Opticsplanet was THEY showed a 16" setup.
      All I could find @ CMMG's own site was 5".

      If I want a 5" .45, it'll never be an AR, it'll be another 1911. Lol.


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        the .45's are a different game from the 9's due to (depending on ammo) the 20 to 40% greater power.

        Blowback guns use very heavy buffers, strong springs, and usually still recoil hard when everything heavy bangs to a stop in the buffer tube.
        A Thompson is straight Blowback, and uses a TWO POUND bolt.

        D.I. guns are finicky due to the low 20,000psi operating pressure, they tend to demand full power ammo, nothing less.
        You MIGHT be able to do very light spring and adjustable gas block, maybe.......

        This is why I went RDB.


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          "If I want a 5" .45, it'll never be an AR, it'll be another 1911. Lol." Ya what's the point, just get a hand gun.
          Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson


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            Yea, other than a WAY over-large (completely impractical to actually haul around on your person), overly heavy (a 1911 is claimed to be ungodly heavy these days at only 3 pounds), and just goofy (the dam tube sticking out in the back, with the Strap-On Device that no-one actually straps on their arm (it becomes like a prosthesis LOL The big white Orc that lost his hand LOL)).

            As just a goofy Range Toy Just Because You Want One, I'm fine with that, "free country" and all, if you want it you ought to be able to, but I have no want for one, I am just too much of a Practical User to have any interest.
            And I am not a big believer in OPEN-carry out every day among the mass Soccer Mom and He-Hive'd populace, let alone an AR Pistol drop-holstered to my thigh.
            No pros, lotsa cons.
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            Yes, there are places and times THAT would be a practical use, none of which I do, so, not for me.


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              Earlier I found a voicemail from either yesterday afternoon or this AM, from CMMG's sales Dept of all people.

              So I called them back {giggle}, and I was very nice, polite even.

              They wondered if I was now ready to go ahead and buy the lower.

              Au Contraire Mon Frair..... "Let me try to be clear on the this,"

              I, politely, used what I felt were understandable time-relation terms, such as "when he'll freezes over", "the heat death of the universe, plus a week", that I would sooner melt beer cans into a billet and go after it with a drill and box of files before I would buy that lower, all while maintaining a calm, clear vocal demeanor.

              The only answer was a stunned "hmmmmmmmmm", so I politely bid him Buh-bye.

              I hope he is not confused, there are enough delusional people in the world today.

              Ah, it is a beautiful summer day out there, I need to locate some pool time tomorrow.


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                Just in case you encounter the same Failure to Feed troubles with your AR-45...
                As mentioned in my earlier post, my constant shooting companion has had the devil's own troubles with FTF's on his Palmetto State Armory upper. These troubles were only corrected once we discovered that my hand loads functioned nearly 99.99% of the time in his rifle. The only step that I've been taking that isn't used on factory ammo or his hand loads is that I run my finished cartridges through a Lee carbide roll crimp die and put about .002 to .004" worth of roll crimp (just barely enough to be noticed/seen) on the case mouth. So with that small amount of crimp my loads feed near-about flawlessly, where as his hand loads and every brand of factory ammo tried failed most miserably.

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                  Will keep in mind GC, I put a .002-.005" taper crimp on all my .45 Automatic ammo, 2 decades now, never problems.


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                    I found that out with the 9mm in the MPX, never had a problem with any pistol but the AR platform needs a lite crimp, and good bullets.

                    Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson