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    So having been playing with the new girl friend, she's tight my reloads which have worked in many different handguns, will not let the bolt close all the way but not all the time. So I adjusted the crimping die down so it just breaks the sharp edge of the case, I know head spaces on the case month, but it helped. You have a hard time doing the plunk test do to the round rattlers around like its been flushed. Next after breaking her down for the 180 round cleaning the barrels is marked 9mm Nato, I can't approve it, but I got the feeling they cut them at the top on the tolerance, for wear over time and a good gas seal. Next took my old RCBS seating die out of the Dillon, set it up in the Reeding, took out the de-primer pin, ran each round up into the die, till I felt it make contact, then slow screwed it down, then tested the plunk test, and drop out, seem to have solved it, but in the Dillon you can't screw it down enough, using the mic I could only find were it was resizing the case about 1 ths. right at the cannelure grove the factory rolls into the case. I would think it wouldn't make that much diffrece but it seen to. So ordered up a Dillon Cartridge gauge and there seating die by their photos it looks the the die is smaller,so you can screw it down and it miss the shell plate. All the case are the same Fed, and all compote's are the same lot, running the same lot of ammo thru the MPX and my old 659, runs the the 659 fine and the daughters Taurus 24/7 fine, but the old 659 is some where over 2500+ round's down range. Dillon stuff well be here next week, another report coming. Am going to run the resized ammo and see.
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    Not having ever loaded with Dillion equipment I can't say that this die will be compatible, however it works well in my RCBS 2000 progressive press for adding just the right amount of crimp to help with feeding troubles caused by a sharp edge at the case mouth...

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      I look Grafs.
      Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson