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    Originally posted by Paul B View Post

    You wouldn't be kidding us would you? I haven't had any problems reloading for my Ruger ot that finding a load I like. I'm trying to find something on the light side with cast bullets. I have molds for bullets ranging from 100 gr. to 125 gr. and the 125 gr. bullet is not bad. Even the light loads are loud and extraction is stiff due to rough chamber walls. I wonder if Ruger felt they were necessary as I seems I'm always hearing that complaint on the rough chambers. BTW, even the light loads have a bit a a sharp nasty bark. yeah, they are load.
    Paul B.
    The rough chamber walls could very well be intentional as the carbine case has quite a taper to it.


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      Originally posted by Guncrank View Post
      Given that I was wrong once many years ago...

      Has any other manufacturer ever offered a revolver chambered in 30 carbine, other than Ruger's Blackhawk?
      I've happened across a number of 30 Carbine semi-auto's over the years but am aware of only that one revolver.

      Taurus has. Shot one and never cared for it but have lusted for one of their Raging Hornets.
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