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  • ruger security 9

    I'm looking into getting a Security 9. The owners manual says one can shoot all NATO, US, CIP loads safely, but one should never shoot +P+ loads. I'm perhaps not knowledgeable. I've heard of +P, but not +P+ loads. Was that a mis print? The Ruger American explicitly says one can shoot +P loads without limit.
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    +P+ 9mm Lugar is not an official specification.
    It is higher than +P, how much is always questionable, thus it is never designed for.

    IIRC what I read somewhere, it tends to be around 18% over standard.
    Proof Load is 30% over.

    Very few cartridges have +P specifications, even fewer have anyone making +P+ ammo for them.


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      9mm NATO is no higher than SAAMI or CIP. The specifications are often misunderstood.


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        As said, no official definition of pressure level for +P+. I've been carrying a Security 9 for over six months now. I'm very impressed with it Rides well, decent trigger, and accurate enough for most any self defense purpose.
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