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    So, a friend has an Iver Johnson TP22 (imported from Erma Werke, made in Middlesex, NJ). It came apart during a range day and he couldn't get it back together. Got it back together, no parts or other issues and it functions properly. Person shooting it must've had too much pressure on the trigger guard when it was cycling the action came apart. Anyway, the magazine is plastic on the base, everything else is stamped metal and the plastic broke. Going to attempt to glue it back together, but am looking for a more permanent type solution for this. I have done the normal internet search and found magazines for $35 and up for originals and $39 and up for Triple K reproductions. Anyone have any other ideas?
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    I didn't know this Walther-knockoff had an Erma history. (Erma was the progenitor of the current Henrys.) If it can "come apart" (for any reason) while being shot I think I might be tempted to relegate it to the Do Not Use Pile. Good judgment would seem to be required here.
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      A little research reveals that these are a knock-off of the Walther P-22. Perhaps the walther parts might interchange with a bit of fitting. Here's a detailed review of the Iver Johnson TP22.

      Be sure to read the linked article all the way to the bottom of the page for a safety warning!
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        Thank you guys. I was able to get the magazine base back together with some JB Weld. Should be good for another few years.
        “Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”
        ― Franz Kafka


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          Originally posted by hockeynick39 View Post
          So, a friend has an Iver Johnson TP22 (imported from Erma Werke, made in Middlesex, NJ).
          I have one of those, and I've carried it farther than any other firearm I own. Must be about 30 yrs, maybe 35 yrs old. Very reliable, and accurate enough to have bumped off a couple garden raiding groundhogs, and garbage raiding raccoons. Mine never "came apart" except for cleaning, so I can't address that one.

          You can find parts at Numrich if you're lucky, and I replaced the slide assembly a couple years back with a brand new one. I have a recoil spring and an extractor, if mine ever wear out. Parts for the German made versions are not compatible, and the fit is very loose and sloppy on the slide.

          If it's in decent shape, it's a fun gun to shoot. But I'd have someone check out the came apart issue.
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