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    Any 460 Mags here. I have been researching the hell out of this thing. I have been drooling over this revolver for years, but never went after it. MY local retailer has a used one for a pretty decent price and I am strongly considering this. Im trying to figure out how the recoil feels and try to compare it to something I have shot before. Before I drop this kind of money I want to make sure this is something I am going to like shooting. I have a Super Red Hawk 44 Mag and a Black Hawk 41 Mag. I think there is more recoil in the 41 than 44. The largest caliber handgun I have ever fired is a Thompson Enocre in 270 Win, which wasn't bad at all.

    And for those of you shooting it. I see most of the ammo is listed as 2200 FPS. But I have run across some hunting rounds, Federal Fusion for example, with a 1600 FPS. Why the big of a difference. I know the gun was designed for the higher velocity rounds so are the slower ones going to be less accurate? I would imagine less range, or more hold over for distance. Even the Speer manual for the Deep Curl/Gold Dot hunting lists in 1800 FPS range.

    Talk me into or out of this beast. Do I need it? No but I want it. Am I going to hunt with it? Maybe, most likely.


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    I'm sure you have made up your mind one way or the other by now, but I have had one for a couple years and love it. With the full power 460 loads the recoil is definitely stout, but if you have shot hot 44Mag loads you should be fine. Mine is the 8 3/8" barrel with the compensator and I have shot it many times with one hand, although both hands are definitely better. Also, full power 454 loads are quite nice in this gun. One of my favorite loads is a 360gr lead bullet using trail boss powder, no good for hunting but you can shoot those all day long!


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      Oh yes. Still on my want list. My first 44 mag was a Taurus Ragin Bull. I loved it but sold it to buy a Ruger Super Redhawk. I came across a Raging Bull in 41 Mag that looked like it had never been shot or very little. The 41 Mag is a discontinued model. Love this revolver. I have shot it quite a bit.


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        About 10 years ago a S&W REP joined and had a very informative discussion on that
        I was raised in the 50\'s on jackrabbits and gunpowder.salt and pepper wooda made\'em taste better


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          Just Go Get It
          I felt the same a few months ago. The one button "buy now" button did me in. This thing is a blast (no pun) to shoot. Mine is the 5" bbl, with the light 230g pills at 100yds it will break dinner plates all day. The heavy loads give quite a big push but the recoil is not as sharp as say the .454 Cas. You will definitely draw attention at the range although you will probably not have close neighbors due to the muzzle blast. Shooting with hot .45 Colt loads feels like you're using mild .38 wadcutters.
          Handloading is pretty much a must as factory ammo is expensive.