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  • 460 S&W XVR

    Any 460 Mags here. I have been researching the hell out of this thing. I have been drooling over this revolver for years, but never went after it. MY local retailer has a used one for a pretty decent price and I am strongly considering this. Im trying to figure out how the recoil feels and try to compare it to something I have shot before. Before I drop this kind of money I want to make sure this is something I am going to like shooting. I have a Super Red Hawk 44 Mag and a Black Hawk 41 Mag. I think there is more recoil in the 41 than 44. The largest caliber handgun I have ever fired is a Thompson Enocre in 270 Win, which wasn't bad at all.

    And for those of you shooting it. I see most of the ammo is listed as 2200 FPS. But I have run across some hunting rounds, Federal Fusion for example, with a 1600 FPS. Why the big of a difference. I know the gun was designed for the higher velocity rounds so are the slower ones going to be less accurate? I would imagine less range, or more hold over for distance. Even the Speer manual for the Deep Curl/Gold Dot hunting lists in 1800 FPS range.

    Talk me into or out of this beast. Do I need it? No but I want it. Am I going to hunt with it? Maybe, most likely.