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    You need to quit your job, you can't afford to work with this bunch of enablers.
    If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

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      Pre '67.
      Homo sapiens, [ˈhōmō ˈsāpēənz] Noun. An advanced primate characterized by a large brain which it seldom uses.


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        Yep. Since it is marked "Mod 36" on the yoke, it is "post-56", the internet says that prior to then it was not marked as such there.

        Since it is not a 36-anything, it pre-dates the 36-1's 1967 creation. I don't have the S/N yet (owner got a pic of the useless Shop Tracking Number also on the yoke, thinking it was the S/N, but it's on the butt.

        S/N of the Ruger says 1965 (IIRC), and the Smith is "58-66" someplace.
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          No wonder no s/n info on the Mod36, it is wearing pachmeyer grips (monogrip, 1piece). Very comfortable with my big hands. Frame strap is burried totally.


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            Things become more curious....

            The grips are off the Model 36 (for ssome CLP-love), and the S/N is very un expected. AVY4XXX

            Nothing across the net seems to address serial numbers afer the4 "1J xxxxx" serial numbers started

            As far as further dateings go, it is ONLY marked "Mod 36", no dash number. the 3-screw Side Plate makes it Post-1955, the Model Number stamp makes it Post 1957, It does not have any of the "flat" latches, so it is Post 1966, the barrel is NOT pinned, which makes it Post-1982.

            From another forum
            The three letter prefix followed by a four digit number began in 1980. The best guess I can give you is 1984 for your revolver. In January 1984 the ADT prefix was being used, by November AEV-AFJ was being used according to my book. It also appears that they stopped using the letter J in the J frame serial numbers in 1983.
            So,,,, From that progression of s/n letters,, I'm just going to toss out a reasonable guestimation of 86-87'ish.

            Gonna have to ask S&W I guess..... doesn't appear that they have anything simply publicly posted online.