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    I would add one last thing. .Since the main thing I like is the basic 110 action that i like to use to build rifles the way I want them with features I like . I would be truly happy if they brought back the 200 Stevens actions ,which was just the basic Savage Action pre accutrigger at or at least close to the price from before the Axis series appeared . I can always hope I guess . They could even keep the plastic stock as a cost cutting point .


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      Originally posted by golong View Post
      shaffe48 other than a post from what, 2 years ago about 1 specific barrel?, I have never made some blanket statement that Savage barrels wear faster than others. Even at that I said above, which is the same as what I always say about them - they shoot (as in they are accurate). My problem with their barrels is the need to maintain their tools. No need to put words in my mouth - might just be better to ask me to clarify. The part that wears is the baffle. It gets sloppy over time making ramming home follow up shots a coin toss as to getting the bolt closed or not.

      You seem to think this is about money, and that I am coming at it from the same angle. No need to think for me on that one either. I happily take my $400 T/C out to chase rabbits over the $500 Savage. At least I know the T/C is going to make the second shot if needed. Everyone has opinions and not all of them align, which is great. But your writing that my angle is about money or that I am making statements that I have not is not appreciated.
      I inferred you were talking about accuracy when you spoke about the round count going up. Must be I was wrong.

      I would say the price point $$ definitely matters. Anymore, there is definitely a lot of competition even sub 500 from companies like ruger mossberg or whatever. I have a family member with some mossberg Patriots wood stock and they are great guns. Personally I found their offerings too light and for what I do the pretty wood stock would just get sacrificed.

      No doubt Savage will really have to keep their head out of their a## if they are going to compete. But I personally think quality issues is a strong way of putting it. That's my main issue here.


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        For me one of the best things about Savage is the barrel nut. Super easy and you can set the headspace where you want. I recall someone posting here that you can have a R700 retrofitted but I would be a little hesitant as I simply don't know if cutting flesh off the action is a good idea.

        Looking forward to seeing where they go with the opportunity.
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          golong no need to machine action for rem 700 ,below is a link for Remage barrels , .Rem barrel nuts , recoil lug , wrench , etc .


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            Yes the Stevens 200 I feel was the best bang for the buck. Easy to modify the trigger and super accurate. You could easily stiffen stock with carbon arrows. Bought my oldest son one in 243 years ago. He still has it. Shoots lights out.