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8MM I think I need one

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    My apologies for being a one note Gibbs fan.

    If you want a lower recoiling 8mm round with decent horsepower think about an 8mm Gibbs. Cases are made from 30-06 cases by fire forming the neck larger with bullets seated into the lands or by necking down .35 Whelen cases or 30-06 cases expanded to .357 and necked back down in Gibbs dies to get a false shoulder. Kind of a fun process. You can also get 8mm Gibbs headstamped brass from Quality Cartridge.

    The 8mm Gibbs will out perform an 8mm mauser and fall somewhere between an 8mm/30-06 and an 8mm Magnum. It will push a 170 Grain Spire point bullet to over 3100 fps and 220 grain bullets to within a whisker of 2800 fps.

    See post #39 on this link for data:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	8mm Gibbs 3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	36.2 KB ID:	844430

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      Just get a couple boxes of brass and they will last a long time. Dont think you will be shootin it that much.
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        Never seen anything on a Gibbs before Interesting.
        I'm still kinda thinking I like the 375 case .
        It'll be a build "down the road " so I can look at a lot of option alone the way.
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