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What ranges do you sight your 22LR in at?

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    My 10/22 is zeroed at 5o.

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      All my 22s have a knob that allows me to zeroe for any range that I might want to shoot.

      I am fairly good at range estimation and I just dial it in for what range I estimate.
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        I have a full-size Browning bolt 22 that shoots only Vipers into inch groups or less at 50.

        My sons worked very hard to get an old Marlin Glenfield Model 60 semi-auto to group inside of 1.5 inches at 50.


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          50 yards with standard velocity remingtons; puts me right on at 30 with SST's and pretty close at 100 with hi-speeds. I've gone to the 60gr SST's as my urban guerilla round; the neighbors don't know it's not a mild pellet gun. Makes short work of raccoons & possums in the back yard. Still shoot hi-speeds or vipers for "go-downs", the eastside ground squirrels--but only after I run out of K-hornets and 17HMR's. The old standard velocity was what we shot for competition in the NRA JR indoor .22 matches; much tighter groups than any hi-speeds. I traded for several old green boxes of the Remingtons and my Remington 511 with the little 3/4" Weaver 4x loves 'em.
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            50 and 100 yards. Those are the competition distances and that's where I practice. Iron sights. 38 clicks different.


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              Interesting that this poll has over 1400 views and only 37 guys voted. RD
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                Chinook MT


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                  Open/iron sights at 25yds
                  peep or recieversights at 25yds or 50yds depending on which rifle
                  scope 75yds
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                    I haven't adjusted the 'scope on my 77/22 since I'm still messing with ammo choices and it's close enough for group testing at 50Y where I'm able to get .5" with some ammo.
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                      Iron sights, 50 yards.

                      Scopes,,, 100 yards.


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                        Kind of funny this thread is back from the dead (started 09/30/2010). Does it matter that I can lob mine in at 300 yards lawn dart style (well, not really, but I am at almost off the reticle)? If I shoot sub sonic rounds, I can squeeze off 3 before the first one hits.

                        Mine is typically zero for 50' small bore competition, and clicked from there if needed.
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                          Normally at 40 yds.
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                            Got the 10/22 at 50 ..... not had a squirrel come back and complain about it yet. The Colt Woodsman is set to 25. And that is the extent of my rimfire guns. I got rid of a lot of them and just kept those two when 22lr became as rare as rocking horse turds. No point in having guns ya can't shoot


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                              My scoped (6X) 10/22 is set at 50 yards, two of my scoped heavy barreled Winchester model 52s have 12 or 15 power Lyman scopes and are set at 100 yards, my third #52 has a 15 power Unertl and is set at 130 yards. I use stingers in the 10/22 and Winchester Wildcat in the #52s, but they are hard to find now, the 52s are my go-to guns for Sage Rats!!
                              I have targets at 100 yards with 5 shot groups at an inch, at 130 yards it's very hard to do!
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                              • #30
                                I don't sight in .22 LR for a particular range.

                                I do have a 9422M that'll put serious hurts on 'yotes. But I'll keep it a 125 yards & less. It's sighted for a hundred yards. But then again, the .22 WMR is a much different cartridge.