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  • Rem 597 mags

    I know it has been mentioned that Rem's magazines for the 597 leave a lot to be desired as far as consistency.

    Last week my wife and I went to the range to shoot a few different guns. When we got to the 597 we had a variety of problems. Jams, failures to eject, failure to release from the magazine. Never had so many problems, an occasional but not as many as last week.

    I've kept the gun clean, but have ignored the magazines. So when I got home, I dumped the lot of them into a tub of Hoppe's #9. When I took them out later, the metal housings had turned a dull black that came off my hands like charcoal might. I couldn't clean it up by just rubbing them with a cloth so I tried polishing them with Flitz. That helped a little, but mostly left the metal a shiny black rather than the dull black they were after Hoppes or the dull gray aluminum they originally were.

    Has any one else experienced this problem? Will effect their functioning? Was dumping into Hoppe's stupid for some obvious reason I didn't think of or didn't know?
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    yah, that's the weak link in 597s IMO.
    shame too, cause my 597 was accurate for a 22LR.
    I had one for a couple years and had several 1st & 2nd gen magazines & they continued to be a problem.
    traded the 597 on a 10/22 and never looked back.


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      did a quick check on mag generations, and they're on 3rd gen now, worth a try IMO.
      reviews are better than for 1st & 2nd gen see : 3rd Gen mags @midway


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        Looking at the reviews it looks like those 3rd gen mags are also iffy with regard to consistency Seems folks either got good ones or bad ones. Mine all exhibit the qualities of the reviewers ie, of my 5 mags a couple hold 10 rounds two hold 7 and the fifth one holds 6. All sorts of jam failures. They are getting worse as they get older, which is why I tried cleaning them, which gets back to one of my original questions: why did Hoppe's #9 turn the aluminum body black and will that further impair functionality/reliability?
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          Look on any bottle of ammonia in your kitchen. It says do not use on aluminum. Hoppes' #9 has ammonia in it to take care of the copper fouling. Most ammonia based products shouldn't even be left in the bore longer than 15 minutes to prevent pitting.

          There's pleanty of arguments between AR/AK owners who get a lot of copper fouling on which solvent works the best... I didn't understand why they either shamed or overlooked hoppes... I've used it for YEARS to get pretty green/blue patches... I recently bought some "Sweets 7.62" just in case... There are a few other products just like it with a boosted ammonia content which didn't seem to work any better... but Sweets is thicker like a gel if that matters. Still required just as many rinse/repeats to remove the copper as hoppes.

          I don't think it's got much to do with how concentrated the ammonia mix is... I think the chemical reaction is enough with aluminum.
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            Originally posted by Lizardkinged View Post
            Look on any bottle of ammonia in your kitchen. It says do not use on aluminum. Hoppes' #9 has aluminum in it to take care of the copper fouling. Most ammonia based products shouldn't even be left in the bore longer than 15 minutes to prevent pitting.]
            LOL Hoppe's #9 has ammonia in it is what I meant to say!

            Also meant to say try using rem-oil wipes (or any 2 in 1 CLP type product like that) for everything except the bore. I use it for the bore the majority of the time, but eventually need to run a few patches of hoppes down to knock out the copper fouling.


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              An update on my mags: After they turned black from soaking in Hoppe's, I very carefully (so as not to get any inside and on the spring) cleaned the aluminum exterior of the mags with Flitz. It took off the black and shined up the original dull grey aluminum. I let the interiors air dry for several days. Then I tried loading them. Originally 3 of the 5 mags would only load 5-7 rounds. Now all 5 mags will easily load all 10 rounds they are supposed to. Nearing deer season here so I won't be able to go out to the range to see how they function, but they seem to noticeably load and manually unload easier than they used to.

              I can't see how the "3rd generation" black mags are any different than my 2nd gen grey aluminum mags. They had both at a local gun store and both were the same price, both looked identical except for the color or the aluminum body.
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                Bought mags from and they work great no problems so far


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                  Here's the link to Bigplows post above. Takes you right to the product. RD

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