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Reactive Targets for Kids - Young and old

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  • Reactive Targets for Kids - Young and old

    When I first joined I mentioned that I enjoyed target shooting with the grandson. One thing that has kept his interest is a variety of reactive type targets. We use standard paper, splatter type in all different formats, water balloons (his sister loves filling them) cans, and metal gong-spinner targets. Yes I know, we almost need a trailer to haul this back and forth to the range/pit.
    Has anyone seen any plans for homemade targets? These need to be suitable for anything from the Daisy Red Ryder to the .223,

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    Welcome Notch,

    I miss the old 'clay pipes and pump 22s at the amusement parks, not the same as the light rifles today.

    kids like reactive. The plastic water bottles filled with water are good, especially the smaller ones. clay pigeons are nice to break. If you are using 22 hollow point 22s, fruit explodes. The small yellow lemon juice squezze bottles filled are great and easy to see. clay flower pots are great, but make a mess to clean up. Ritz crackers work, and I just let the birds and critters clean up. old golf balls and tennis balls work well. Necco Wafers candy, break up nice, as do Ritz crackers.

    But with all these, one should clean the range when finished.


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      For handguns and 22 LR you can get away with mild steel to make targets. when you step up to the 223 you are going to want AR500 for steel.
      Eggs are fun, bottle caps, tin cans, have heard of guys using paintballs set on golf tees.


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        Condiment packs stapled to cardboard, make a good target, a bit messy but kids love the mess. Expired fruit and canned soda are a favorite 22 target. My kids had longer attention spans, so they took longer to get bored. Grandson always want bigger splash.

        I started him off with airsoft and small plastic animals, those worked well through BB gun. Pellet guns brought on the balloons (a bit of flour or corn starch, before blowing them up), crackers, metal spinners, pop can, water bottles. 22s worked on many of pellet targets, metal targets were upgraded to 22 thickness, animal shaped, swingers, and poppers. Some resealable plastic bouncing targets were added. Water bottles filled with different colored water.

        You're not going to find metal targets, that will work safely with BB gun, ricochets are too likely, I've hung old fishing spoons, off "window" cut in cardboard box, they held my and kids, interest longer than GS's.

        22s and 223 require different grades of metal and distances. While metal target suited for 223 or pistol, can be shot with 22s, they don't move much and increased chance of ricochet, makes them poor choice. Bowling pins can be fun, if enough distance, to avoid ricochet from 22.
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          I punch holes in MT cans and string them up hanging from branches. Hit 'em, they swing, sometimes rather spectacularly, and no danger of ricochet; the swing takes the energy out of them on the way thru the can. Works with pellets, 22s, and they'll take hits from 32 and 380 once or twice before they wrap around the branch.
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            Good ideas, Yes clean up is a must, nothing worse than going behind someone and wading through their mess. Thanks for the reminders of ricochets although we have had issues YET. But will take precautions just the same