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  • M-12 Match up

    A few years ago I picked up a M-12 with a 30" full. A friend was going goose hunting and wanted to trade a 26" vent rib with a Cutts for my 30". Put his bbl on and after some tinkering with the ring
    everything worked well. Never paid attention till last night when I found a list of ser #'s for the 12. My action was made in 1961 and the bbl assembly in 1945. Its amazing how things can be so well made they are interchangeable between that many years.
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    Model 12s are amazing guns. I mainly use an 870 for trap and a Mossberg 500 for hunting. I'm kind of protective of my Model 12 (1917 Vintage) but every time I take it out and use it my reaction is always just WOW. Points where you look, recoil feels more managable, and the action runs smooth and flawlessly.

    Winchester sure had it together back then. Model 12 Shotgun, pre 64 Model 94, and pre 64 Model 70. Winchester Model101 O/U and the Model 52 Target .22. They all ruled back when. RD
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      Some of the best value collector pre-64 Winchester guns still available at a reasonable price. The advent of steel shot and the availability of 3" chambers didn't help their popularity. 37 Ithaca is the only pump that comes close in my opinion.


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        You are so right RD. I have a M12 takedown and a M50 and love them both. Been many a dove and crow killed. We used to get the M50 so hot it would have to be parked to cool down. I've had a few offers for it too.


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          I have a Model 12 20 ga made in 1948. 28 inch Full choke. I use it for pheasant hunting and rabbits. Great shotgun!