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Birthday Shotgun from The Beautiful Mrs. Tas

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  • Birthday Shotgun from The Beautiful Mrs. Tas

    The Beautiful Mrs. Tas has always known that I've always wanted a shotgun - I'd like to get good with one, hunt some birds and other appropriate game, and - of course - be ready, just in case.

    But, it's just one of those things that I never got around to.

    Well, yesterday was my birthday, and after I picked her up from work, she said we had to go to the local farm/ranch/hardware/sporting good store to pick up a couple of things. When we walked in, she started heading to the back counter, and I knew something was up.

    But, I figured she was just getting my fishing license for me!

    Well, that's awesome, I thought - spring is just starting to happen up here, and I've said a few times that it would be nice to do some fishing again, and soon.

    But then, I realized that we could do that online, these I really started to figure that something interesting was afoot.

    Well, she walks up to the counter and says, "We're here to pick up a rife."

    A rifle! This was pretty cool, and I immediately started wondering what chambering etc. she had gotten, and how.

    So the guy goes back and comes out with...a SHOTGUN!

    Well, happy day, indeed!

    It turns out that a couple-three weeks ago, she - all on her own - read up on shotguns a bit and went online to order one from the place. She did a very good job of picking one out, as well. She ordered a 12-gauge, after asking her boss (an avid hunter) what he would suggest. We can't afford anything high-end, but she also knows not to get the "cheapest" on the rack, she took the time to do a little research and found one that looks to give great value-for-money. She knows I prefer wood stocks, so she ordered one with a wood stock and forearm - indeed, it's Turkish walnut, and pretty darn nice, from what I can see.

    So, everyone - what I got yesterday was one really nice surprise! It's from Hatsan's Escort line, manufactured in Turkey, and looks to be a fine shotgun:

    Here's a write-up on the model from a British site:

    And here's the specific listing (choose "hunting" model):

    So, I was pretty impressed with all of this.

    Now, guys - tell me more about this shotgun, and help me learn about it!


    Ron, the Happy Camper
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    Hey Ron, they know how to make shoties in Turkey. CZ had many of theirs built by Huglu over there. Have to say I know nothing about Hatsan's. Nice gift!
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      Well I hate to be the one to throw a wet blanket on your birthday gift, but shotguns are just like reloading. There's no end to the stuff you can do and enjoy and get addicted to with a shotgun. There's patterning your choke tubes, trap, skeet, bird hunting, sporting clays, 5 stand. There's something really satisfying about vaporizing a clay target in flight. I'd also be remiss if I didn't point out the reloading aspect of shotshells as well. No doubt about it you've taken your first steps upon a very very slippery slope. I know what I'm talking about. I own 8 shotguns and 2 MEC presses. I can't help you with your specific model but I do know it's definitely the gateway drug to your new bad habit. My condolences to you.
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        Sweet! and a dang good price too.

        You better cook her up some of your comfort food. Like this:

        Better yet:

        That website is the bomb by the way
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          MR. WITKO , a nice shotgun as a gift really makes most men smile , even if they don't smile much . congratulations on your new shootin' iron and Ozark Ed could not have hit that nail on the head any better .


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            Taz, Hey buddy! Long time no posts. Congrats on your shotgun. Now you can bring home some game birds for the grill. Bacon wrapped duck breasts on the grill, partridge in orange marmalade, and don't forget smoked wild turkey breast. RD
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              Always need a good shotgun, looks good.
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                Well, im jealous. You might not be able to afford high end but it sounds to me like your rich in what matters. Happy Birthday and enjoy your new toy.


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                  nice work, mrs. t. never heard of hatsan. looking forward to your review. have fun with it, ron? k
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