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My late, great son Zach

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    Sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine.



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      So sorry "fan". A friend just lost his son to a head on drunk driver. It is just devastating to lose your children and we all here feel deeply for your loss. He was indeed a very nice young man enjoying his world and friends company. May God give you His peace through this trying time.


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        I've got 3 sons and 2 daughters. I can not even imagine what the loss of any one of them would be. Tragic and painful would not even begin to be you and your families experience must be. I just KNOW that God has a plan. Your tragedy will need His touch to help make since of this loss, until you meet him again.
        God Bless and know my simple prayers are with you and yours.
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          GrandUteFan - As a dad of two twenty somethings, I have stopped by and reflected on this thread several times now without commenting. Each time, tears form as I think about your loss. We are blessed to have kids that represent our values, and quite often to give us a chance to represent theirs. Take note of the unique and special moments that you experience from now on. There is a very good chance that your son will still have "touches" as I have learned after a recent loss of an older sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family from down here in Georgia.

          RRhodes - Georgia.


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            You and your family are in my prayers.


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              Thank you so much everyone. After four months I am OK some days and a mess others. It has without a doubt been the hardest day of my life, and still hard to believe it really happened. This is the last picture of him I will post. It was the best and proudest day of my life (aside from my children and grandchildren being born) and I spent it with him. It was when we attended the 2009 Sugar Bowl in the Superdome in New Orleans to watch Utah beat Alabama. My older son Zane was the starting center for the Utes. It was a very proud brother and father there. And a great five days previous for a dad and his son, newbies from a small desert town in Utah, to explore New Orleans. And spend New Years Eve on Bourbon Street.

              I have been told that getting into your old hobbies can help with grief, and I know that is what Zach would want me to do. So in the last week I have reloaded 800 rounds of 9mm, on a single stage. Just wish we could go out to shoot a few together.

              Thanks again everyone.
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                sincere sorrow for you and yours... i found my youngest son dead in his bed in 2008.......... hurts everyday......... he was 31 years old........................

                life is short.............


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                  Got his headstone in earlier this month. He is within 20 yards of his grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather and great-great-great-grandfather (an original settler of my town Moab). So he is in good company. Thanks again for your kind words and prayers. Sure miss my buddy...
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                    Sorry for the loss of Zach earlier this year. The stone is a nice tribute. Especially since he can be so close to his family.
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