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    Sorry to hear of William's passing. He will be missed.


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      Can't say anything that hasn't already been mentioned. My impression of the man was that he was a real gentleman. Sorry to hear this news.
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        Originally posted by Rockydog View Post
        We received word this morning from members who also belong to that member williamwaco has passed away. We do not have any details. William was also a member of williamwaco's Homepage was

        William was a true gentleman and holder of great knowledge about casting and reloading in general. Several sites across the net were blessed by his presence and willingness to share that knowledge. William was always willing to help others in his quiet respectful manner. He was truly a Master Handloader. He will be missed. Rockydog.
        He was one of the good guys. Got to know him through several forums, the ones you mentioned and others, and he was a class act. Always very helpful. Watched him interact with people with the patience and wisdom of Sol at times. Truly one of the good guys.

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          Sad to read this....
          There almost always is a way to do things better, more often than not by simplifying.


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            May God grant peace and comfort to his family, friends and those whom he helped.


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              Rest in Peace William.
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                William's interactions will be missed by many, myself included. RIP.
                Support our troops....they are someone\'s kids.

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                  He's in our prayers he was always there with good advice when you ask for it.


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                    Very sorry to learn of this. We chatted on the forum from time to time.

                    Farewell, and he will be missed...

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                      Somehow I missed reading about William. Can't say anything different that what has already been said.
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