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  • Resizing photos

    Posting photos directly on this site takes a bit of work as they must be resized to <350KB. It's not all that hard. I download and save pictures from my phone or camera to my computer hard drive.

    Then I go to this site:

    And follow the directions. Click browse and add your photo for resizing. I usually pick 50% smaller and put 340 in the KB Max box in the lower right corner. Click resize and the photo pops up. Close it and click on download to your computer. (IGNORE THE LARGE GREEN DOWNLOAD BUTTONS!!! they are advertising.)

    Make your post here and click Browse under the post. Find the resized photo on your computer and click open. Post the reply or new post and your photo will load.

    Here's a photo I took from the top of a Mississippi River Bluff in NE Iowa last week. It's looking upriver. Directly across are the Wisconsin Bluffs. The Horizon in the upper left corner of the photo are Minnesota Bluffs. Not a great photo just a phone snapshot on a dreary day. RD
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    Rockydog if you are using a Windows computer, you likely have Snipping Tool installed. If you pull up a picture and then "snip it" then save the snip, it will be good quality and well under the site file size restrictions. This is how I prepare roughly 50% of the photos I post to the site.

    I do not change the settings, just snip and save. However, it does more. This is a link to the full instructions for using the tool:

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      golong, Thanks for the tip. I'll have to give it a try. RD
      Every once in a while in life we need a policeman, a lawyer, a doctor and a preacher. We need a farmer three times a day, every day.


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        FWIW, I use Irfanview for adjusting pix. Free download and easy to use. Best, to my way of thinking, is that the web is not involved directly in my files.
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          Can I throw one in here for us Apple guys and gals. Its called "PhotoResize" dead easy to use , non web based, keeps the original files in place, does stacks and you can specify a folder where the resized pics are stored.