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  • Spam Email

    One of our members received an email supposedly from 
    It is a supposed survey.  HandloadersBench has not sent this.
    It is a spam email.  Do not open the link/

    This is what the email says:

    "Visitor Survey:

    September 3, 2012

    You have been selected from the area to take part in our 30-second survey!

    Upon completion you will have the opportunity to claim a $1000 Walmart®Gift Card,
    the NEW Apple® iPad2, or an iPhone 4S®, with valid participation* in our promotion.

    Simply click START NOW to begin our 30-second survey:

    "The United States Marine Corps is a drug and I am a recovering addict."

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    i agree , i wouldnt open such a link , at best it's a phishing attempt , at worst it's malware , it may also manifest as a popup . one should always try somewhat to verify links and in the context they're placed in , as DesertMarine stated that link/add/survey etc is in no way from the handloader's bench
    if you do see such or worse click one by accident i suggest closing their window and immediately run a malware scan as well as dump any cookies you can ( our's is easy just click the reset cookie tab on the log in page ) safe surfing everyone !
    (happy shootin\'-the best way to get empty brass!)



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      Again, The important thing is that Handloaders Bench DID NOT send this. Don't open it! This is not related to this site and may be the result of one of our members being susceptable to someone tracking his visited places on the net and using the fake survey as a phishing or spam vehicle.RD
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        Tanks for the info. muzzlebrake1


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          sorry I have to believe it is related to the note to effect [email protected] .


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            Thanks for the advice!!


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              thanks for the update
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                one thing to keep in mind is that nowadays the sender's addy can be spoofed ie; you can post any return addy you wish , many spammers and scammers do this , 99% of e-mails that the bench would send out would be about a reply to a watched forum or a received PM ( personal message ) almost any other type link would be suspect ( such as the alleged survey above in the original post ) while we cant keep you safe we do try to be informative
                (happy shootin\'-the best way to get empty brass!)



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                  thanks for the heads up i will know not to open it if i get one


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                    Good to know, thanks!


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                      Its best to be skeptical of all internet correspondence. Just saying 8-P
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                        Good to be here! I shoot long distance up to 1000 yds with a Sportco Omark Auzzie rifle in 308. Great old rifle!


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                          Two things you can do to ensure an email isn't SPAM or Phishing, first is if it offers something that is overboard or ridiculous, like the offer
                          "Upon completion you will have the opportunity to claim a $1000 Walmart®Gift Card,
                          the NEW Apple® iPad2, or an iPhone 4S®, with valid participation* in our promotion"

                          The other, and I do this regularly, is to hold the cursor over the link and copy the information in the popup box. If the address doesn't look right then don't trust it. Most legitimate sites will be Most illegitimate sites will have something like or These websites will actually take you to (extensions might also include a foreign country like .ca for Canada (such as This is a dead giveaway that you have been targeted and you don't want to go there.

                          Finally, if they ask for your password, social security number, or a credit card, don't go there.

                          And YES, I've been caught, but not for a long while now (over 10 years) and I am doing my best to continue that streak.


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                            Helpful as I try to understand how the whole forum works.
                            Years go I learned to be cautious after I shot a skunk in the chicken coupe about midnight. A couple of unthinking seconds led to a few days of cleaning along with a fair amount of fallout from wife. The net seems to have it's fair share of skunks.


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                              Thanks for emphasizing this bit of prevention. It is best not to click on any links in emails that you are not sure of the sender.
                              Thanks again!
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