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Hello from newb in S.C.

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  • Hello from newb in S.C.

    Hello from South Carolina! Just started to learn how to reload and I hope you good folks can help me out. I know I will have some pretty dumb questions, so please bear with me until I understand. I want to reload mostly pistol calibers but I will move on to rifle questions after I can get the pistol ammo down. Thanks to all, KC.

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    Welcome to the board. No dumb questions, ask away. What equipment do you have, or are planning on getting, and what reference material do you have or are planning on getting? Also, what particular handgun cartridge are you going to start with?
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      Ask away..


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        Hello and welcome from North Dakota
        Do you want to tell us the story of how you chose your forum name?


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          Hi neighbor, welcome aboard KC..


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            Welcome to the HB. We are happy to have you with us. We hope that you enjoy the site.
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