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    Thanks for the add. I've been shooting for years but am new to reloading. I got a Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading kit and the 2nd addition modern reloading book for Christmas, but I'm sure I'll have tons of questions

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    We will try to have matching tons of answers, at least a few hundredweight ought to be helpful.

    Fair warning though,,, what I call The Underwear Rule will rear it's head almost immediately.

    No,, not your mom telling you to keep clean ones in the glovebox, the fact that whatever you want to do in this hobby will DEPEND ('Depends') on other things.

    Even though you have good starter equipment, poke a mouse-nose over into the ARTICLES section before you wade in much deeper.
    While they (2 articles) were intended to be a guide before buying anything, they ALSO try to be a guide to the initial thought process (admittedly from my perspective, but I think it's fair) and should also help with a few pounds of those questions before they come to mind.

    Another warning,,, this hobby CAN BE, either as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.
    It is a rabbit hole, and it can be as shallow or as deep as you want to dig it.
    Try not to head all the way to the bottom on Week One.

    Welcome aboard.


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      Welcome aboard from Montana. You will find a lot of friendly and knowledgable folks here about.


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        Welcome to the board. Ask away, we all had to start somewhere.
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          Hello and welcome from North Dakota


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            Welcome to HB from Eastern Kentucky. Any and all questions welcome. Glad to have you here.


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              Welcome aboard.
              Suggest that as you are learning keep it simple. Learn the basics first.
              Too many people want to jump from basics to advanced precision techniques.
              That will come in time.
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                Welcome from Montana.