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Coming out of the gate in Texas

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  • Coming out of the gate in Texas

    Hello hand loaders,

    I’ve been on the fence about reloading for a few years, mostly just target shooting at the Houston area ranges. Also interested in trap shooting and I need to find some land for hog hunting, I really like that.

    My Birthday came around so I finally decided to hand load, and asked for a Hornady Lock n Load as my gift. And that’s where I’m starting from. I intend to make a pest of myself, please have patience with this beginner. I plan to reload for a couple of bolt action rifles to start, probably .243 Win, 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5 mm Creedmoor.

    As as I gain experience I’ll try to be helpful if I can.


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    Welcome to the board. Never enough Texans.
    "The fact that guns can kill another human being is the whole point. That\'s why they are so darn good at deterring violent criminals". Ann Coulter


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      fellow Texan here, (cajun transplant a decade ago!) and new to reloading as well. I'm having fun. it's addictive lol!

      enjoying the process and the results! Lots of good people here, I'm sure glad I stumbled upon this site.


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        cen Texas transplant from a life time as army brat and soldier......always good to have more Texans.....welcome in


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          Hello and welcome from North Dakota. I'm a little bit north of you but I do load 243.


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            Welcome, nice maple,


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              Howdy and welcome aboard igotta40, I like your approach to learning. I'm pretty sure you will do fine here.



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                Always glad to see another Texan hop abroad the reloading train, so to speak. There's a few fellers here with some learnin', and then there's other fellers with well over half a century or more time spent at the press. Yet all are more than willing to assist you and extend their personal attention to your efforts. You're in good hands here.

                'bout half a day's drive north of ya.
                "Don't try to cover up a lack of training with a tool you don't understand."

                John Lovell on upgrades.


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                  Welcome to the bench. Lots of good people here willing to help with your questions. If you want to do some good range shooting, you'll have to join us in the annual shoot in Breckenridge Tx. It's only once a year but it's a good time by all who attend.
                  "There\'s no such thing as a good gun. There\'s no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys."

                  -Charlton Heston


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                    Thanks for your welcoming replies, thanks OKL, I’ll have to look up that event in Breckinridge. Looks like a nice waltz across Texas from here.


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                      Welcome from Montana.


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                        Welcome from NY..
                        You can\'t teach an old dog new tricks.........Wait do that again.


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                          Welcome aboard from New Mexico where Texans come to do real hunting.
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                            Welcome from Ohio, lot of gentlemen on this forum with experience and knowledge.


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                              Welcome to the HB. We are happy to have you with us. Enjoy the forum.
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