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  • Chat room failure

    Phooey! Last time I went to chatroom (when d4570 says he was there but wasn't) it went slicker than frog fur. This time all sorts of hoops to jump there and then... nothing. Last time I clicked chatroom it just flipped me back to the main menu Im done.
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    When it pops up asking you java/flash/HTML did you select HTML then connect? then find the pop up and click Go to mobile HTML chat? If you don't find the little window (pop up) you can click on go to chat room all you like on the main window and it just goes back to forum.
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      Well I tried to go into the chat room for the first time in the several years.
      Not only did it not let me in, I also got Bombed by a bunch of advertisements that locked up my system and wouldn't let go. I had the back completely out shut it down and come back in. I can do without that kind aggravation.



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        I'm in the room now 2:40, 8/7/17
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          Me to ............


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            I'm not much of a chat room person, but maybe a scheduled chat time, could work? I know some that like to have live chat, Tuesday eve at 8pm MST and they seem to post chat schedule on other days and have better luck.
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              I have checked it several is a royal PITA to get into, just to find no one there...I loved the old chat room, I'm done with this one