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2016 deer plot for deer or wolves

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    Well, shooting my pointer pup would have probably made me cranky.
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      Rockydog, you nailed the Northern Wisconsin woods perfectly.


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        FMJ through the liver, no shoveling required.

        As far as shooting dogs, many people see their dogs as part of the family, so unless you would shoot someone's kid, for playing hooky, don't blame the dog, for acting natural, irresponsible dog owner, whole nother discussion.
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          Plainsman wrote:
          Well, shooting my pointer pup would have probably made me cranky.
          Load every bullet like your life depended on it because one day it might.



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            Really meant for this to be more geared toward deer plots and wolves.


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              Now this year I got just as many bear on camera as i do deer.


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                Originally posted by Rockydog View Post

                Up here we shoot the wolves with collars, head for the nearest Interstate rest stop, and toss the collar in the back of a pickup bearing Hillary and/or PETA stickers. Preferably also bearing a left coast state license plate.

                Like hitting a home run. Wolf is dead, Drives wolf researchers nuts, PETA type liberal is mad, PETA type liberal is in big trouble.

                And, yes, I'm joking. Since there are virtually no deer left to hunt in parts of Northern WI. There are no hunters in the woods to see, let alone shoot, the wolves.
                Really? No deer left in Northern WI?


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                  Not no deer, but herds are much reduced from what they were. Hunter numbers are dropping in some counties due to no deer being seen during an entire season. Livestock predation is starting. Hunting dogs are frequently killed by wolf packs. Bird dogs and especially coon hounds and bear hounds. The hounds go silent and when found by following their tracking collars are literally ripped to shreds by the wolf pack. No need to have them here at all. Here's an article from 5 years ago and things are only getting worse.

                  Just found out via a former DNR employee that they have been live trapping Bobcats in northern WI and moving them to southern WI to help control the deer herds in the CWD counties. This individual said the he had personally trapped and moved 27 bobcats in the last two years.

                  They just can't leave well enough alone sometimes. RD
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