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Modern Reloading by George Nonte (it's a classic)

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  • Modern Reloading by George Nonte (it's a classic)

    Winchester Press
    copyright 1972
    ISBN 0-876791-046-0

    This is one of those classics that every new loader should read and have on their shelf. Has all kind of great info in it the chapters on how powder is made. Along with the inherent problems in its manufacture, Since it really hasn't change in a long time it does shed light on what can contribute to the shortages when the plants have problems.
    From history and development of the hobby to the basics and primers, bullets,smokeless powder,all the steps. load development,and so much more rifle, handgun,black powder and shot shell loading. There are also numerous charts,tables,and reference materials.

    Being new to the hobby this book was suggested by a couple of members on this forum, I did find a reasonable priced copy on Amazon books. As with a lot of older titles some sellers think they have a gold mine and charge accordingly.

    You may have to search and wait for a copy to be come available, but it will be worth the wait.
    I learned a lot had questions that I didn't know I had answered before I formed the question. And I enjoyed the read greatly, thyis is one that I will reread sections over and over in the future.:thumbs:
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    Got that one and read it. Interesting reading.

    I got my copy in 1972 through a shooting book club. Even then the book seemed 'dated', like col Nonte had been writing since the 1950s; so the title isn't appropriate for today. But it has some interesting stuff for an advanced reloader. not what a new reloader would want to buy to learn reloading.

    some interesting info on forming obsolete rounds.


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      Hey guys reviving an old post here,

      I also have the book Modern Reloading by George Nonte....same way Bear did...Outdoor Life book club I believe, back in the 1970's. My book says Maj. George C. Nonte as author & still has the dust cover.

      If you are into GROUSE hunting with dogs and SxS then here are a few books you should read:
      The Upland Shooting Life by George Bird Evans,
      Coverts & Casts by William J. Schaldach,
      Grouse Feathers by Burton Spiller
      New England Grouse Shooting by Willam Hardin Foster

      A couple other authors/books of interest would be A Hunters Fireside Book & A listening Walk...and other stories by both by auther Gene Hill who also was in one of the major outdoor magazines of the day.
      The book Rocky Mountain Warden by Frank Calkins is a neat book from a earlier time.

      Last, for now, but by no mean the least would be anything by ROBERT SERVICE. A poet from the WWI era before, during & after.

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        Look up Phil Sharp's Complete Guide to Handloading. IMO, Nonte's is good, Sharpe's is better. My copy came from a friend with contacts at a local museum. The book had been donated back in to 50's, and by the 70's they were tossing it into the trash! My friend's contact fished it out of the garbage dumpster, gave it to my friend, who gave it to me. And some think political correctness is a modern phenomenon!
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