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    Finally got a chance to read The Shootist, which was made into the last movie John Wayne made. Forward by the screenwriter, who was the son of the author. Great story, although the salon shootout wasn't exactly realistic. Author mentions "clouds of black smoke", from the black powder ammo used. Mine always seems white. .Also mentions the terminal effects of "low velocity slugs fired at close range from heavy caliber weapons, 38s and 45s. Has one leaving an exit wound the size of a fist. Not exactly my experience with animals. Also has JB Books being shot twice in the back at fairly close range with a 10 bore shotgun and number 4 shot. Barely penetrates the skin, after going through his coat, vest, and shirt.
    Other than that, a pretty good read.
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    I will stay with the movie. Watch it every chance I get.
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      Its a good movie, and a lot of writers don't know anything about firearms and hunting or should I say how things work when hit by a bullet or a load of shot.
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